For black women, Michelle Obama is new role model

Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) – Michelle Obama inspired Richelle Shaw to be a better mother. The future first lady gave LaTonya Brown hope that she can find a husband. And Tina Sutton recites “We are Michelle Obama” with her 4-year-old daughter every morning.

For black women across the country, Michelle Obama is a new role model, a woman who defies stereotypes in a public way they say they haven’t seen since the fictional Clair Huxtable of “The Cosby Show.”

Sutton, 35, is using the future first lady to help teach her daughter to be secure in herself.

“I am comparing her skin to Michelle’s,” she said. “I talk to her about her tall mother and father and that she will more than likely be tall. That is so appealing just like Michelle. Her mother is married to a handsome good black man, just like Michelle and Barack.”

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