La Voix de l’Outre Mer


Important news from Sandrine in Paris:

Hi Adrianne,

Thanks for promoting my social media bio and new website design for Arts and Talents.

I wanted to highlight a French initiative led by a sister, Nicole Bristol, a caribbean girl like me, to make black voices from overseas heard at the top of the French government and in France (people living in Overseas France french caribbean islands, indian ocean islands, … and Territorial Communities as Guyana …) I attached a map to make things clearer for you.

The name of the association is La Voix de l’Outre Mer – Voices from France Overseas. We’re organizing a diner-debate at the french Senat with presence of Yves Jego – Minister of State to the Minister of the Interior, Overseas France and Territorial Communities, with responsibility for Overseas France. I attached the official invitattion. 50 people will attend to discuss this topic related to Europe: “Continental Europe, Maritime France, What role for France Overseas?” – Europe Continentale, France maritime, Quel rôle pour la France de l’Outre Mer?.

Key links in french:

Facebook group :

Facebook events :

Website :

A bientôt!

Sandrine JOSEPH


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