1/2 Day Coaching or Seminar Opening in PA/NJ/DE on 21 May 2009


Are you looking for an internationally ‘road-tested’ executive or leadership coach to turbo-boost your on-the-job performance in dealing with an intercultural team or international project?

Do you have a marketing or advertising team that needs a quick and effective ‘time-out’ from daily business to strategize, (re-)focus and (re-)activate for a new/ongoing project or to help them meet the ambitious goals expected of them in this demanding economy? Is this a team working with intercultural players or within an international context?

If so – and you are in the southeastern Pennsylvania/southwestern New Jersey area – you have a unique opportunity!

I have just one more open slot to either personally onboard a new coaching client (face-to-face ‘threshold’ session) or to conduct one additional 1/2 day seminar during my next business stay to the Delaware Valley.

For potential coaching clients: Booking me as your new sounding board and accountability partner means you will reach your goals more efficiently and effectively than you would if you were working on them on your own. In addition, you will have access to someone with almost 30 years of experience in the international business arena.

We will begin our coaching relationship with a complimentary interview by telephone to discuss your precise coaching needs, any questions you have about my background, and confirm that we are on the same wavelength.

We will then conduct an intensive, face-to-face threshold coaching session while I am in your area so you can

-identify the values, drivers and motivators that make up the backdrop upon which your coaching goal will be projects
-enhance your understanding of your coaching context by formulating a clear and concise coaching mission statement
-develop an action plan – including significant milestones – that will lead you to your desired goal

While working together closely for four hours we will also establish the beginnings of a solid interpersonal foundation for our ongoing coaching relationship. After this initial session, our coaching relationship will continue via telephone at the times/dates that best suit your schedule using any/all modern technology that facilitates our coaching process until you reach your desired professional goal.

For potential seminars: Based on the insights and experience gained from 20+ years working in international marketing and advertising, I will design a four-hour individualized seminar/workshop/brainstorming session focused on your specific need, e.g.:

(re-)uniting the group and intensifying their motivation and team spirit pooling and prioritizing ideas and known best practice relevant to their project/goal developing/re-focusing an action plan for successfully achieving their goals

The result: A smoother running team, a wealth of new ideas, a benchmark to prioritizes those ideas and the resources you’ll need for execution, and a plan to put – and keep – the team (back) on track!

Prior to the event, we will have an opportunity to discuss your specific needs via telephone. Based on your input plus a survey of your organization’s target group, I will submit a written preliminary outline of the planned session for your approval. I also provide post-session evaluations and transfer tele-coaching to further increase the ROI of the session.

Or maybe after taking a look at my portfolio, you have another idea about ways in which my experience and insights can help your organization better identify and further leverage the value you add?

Because of my schedule, I will be available one day and one day only – May 21, 2009**!!!

Please understand that this opening is on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

To contact me before May 15th about scheduling a professional turning point for yourself, for your department/team or for your organization, write to me at:


or call:

+49-2435-98 01 57

When calling, please remember that there is a six-hour time difference between Central Europa and the East Coast of the USA!


**You are interested in engaging the services of Creating Tomorrow, but this date doesn’t fit into your coaching plans/training calendar? I will be returning to the States in the fall of 2009. Contact me via email with a telephone number where you would like to be reached between 18th – 25th May to discuss your specific coaching/training needs and to learn more about how I can support you/your organization, as well as my upcoming business travel dates to the Delaware Valley area.

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