From Newspaper to Elegance (Gala Lewis Martinus)

‘From Newspaper to Elegance’ is the title of a beautiful dolls exposition made by Curaçao artist Gala Lewis Martinus.

Gala Lewis Martinus Gala Lewis Martinus en Reyna Joe 

The exposition was opened on Friday October 2, 2009 at the Kas di Kultura (Culture House) in Curaçao by Reyna Joe who spoke about the family influence that shaped Gala Lewis Martinus into the artist that she is. Gala is number 6 in a family of 11 children and her parents stimulated her to continue on her artistic path.

Gala Lewis Martinus 1 Gala Lewis Martinus 2

This exposition of dolls made from newspapers is the result of Gala Lewis Martinus’ effort to show what can be done with trash. ‘From Newspaper to Elegance’ is her third art exposition. Her first exposition was in 2005 and named ‘Family Connection’. This was an exposition where she and her siblings presented the result of their artistic skills.

Gala Lewis Martinus 4  Gala Lewis Martinus 5 

In 2008 she and her brother, painter Rudsel held an exposition at the Curaçao Museum with different pieces of themselves and of their students. This third exposition shows a collection of elegant dolls made completely from old newspapers and (to hold them up) seed sticks of the Royal Poinciana.

Gala Lewis Martinus also paints, is specialized in ceramic pieces and prefers to work with recycled materials.
Contact Gala Lewis Martinus at:

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50 thoughts on “From Newspaper to Elegance (Gala Lewis Martinus)”

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  26. Being Gala's sister I would like to comment on her work. I admire my sister because she can make anything out of useless materials.

    In 2008 I was on vacation and saw how my sister use to get up about 2' oclock in the morning to work on these dolls. Besides of doing all this work Gala help children after school with their homework and also teach them art. She invited me to come and give her a helping hand with the summercamp. Her commitment and love for her work is amazing. In 2005 various member of the family participated in the Family Connection exhibion. It was a huge succes. Me and my two sons “Quinsy Gario” and “Jörgen Gario”, and a nephew “Ruwendy Arion” participated too together with our brother “Rudsel Martinus” who is a famous painter in Curaçao. Our late uncle “Mauricio Onofra” who died in jauary 2009 was also a great painter. Right now I'am preparing for a next exhibtion in Curaçao (because I live in Holland) together with Gala in march for the ” 2010 Conference About woman and Control in Curaçao”. End of march there will be another exhibition this time is a combination of nephew and aunt. Gala's son, Caldron Lewis (who is a an amazing painter too) and I, “Glenda Martinus”. My paintings are “graphics” done in Microsoft Word, and printed out on canvas. The youngest member of the family Jenchi Vivas(now 8 years old) had her first exhibition at the age of 5.

    I call my sister “The Queen of Recycling”. Because out of the most useless materials she knows how to create a piece of art. And besides of painters whe have also Whitney Lewis who makes jewels with beats, musician Brandon Lewis (guitarist), Jörgen Gario, ( singing poet, his artistic name UNOM), and Quinsy Gario, (poet, filmmaker and columnist, artistic name Timothy Martinus).

    We will accept any invitation around the world to show our artistic qualities from exhibition to entertainment.

    I would like to thank our parents (afortunately they can't be here) for their effort and freedom that they give us by helping us to develop our skills and talents, so that we could pass it over to our children. Having 11 children (6 boys and 5 girls) and bringing us up the way they did
    is out of this world.

    I would like to finish my comment by saying,

    Thank you Mamai and Papai. (rest in peace)

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