INVITATION: The City of Toronto will host the Black Women of Excellence from around the world.

As part of preparations for the forthcoming 5th International Congress of Black Women scheduled in West Africa, July 2012, Work sessions will be held in Canada Toronto in October 28-29, 2011 at Courtyard Marriott Toronto.

This conference is designed to provide brain storming sessions and best practice sharing for the next 2012 Congress in West Africa. The program will empower women corporately to: BUILD a unique alliance of skills, STRENGTHEN our leadership skills and IMPACT in power our vision and the legacy of the women’s business community around the world. Our goal: Bring answers to the most complex needs of our society. Women act and the world changes!

October 28-29, 2011 – TORONTO CANADA

Toronto City Hall


Courtyard Toronto Downtown

475 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 1X7, Canada

You are invited to join us with other women, at this unprecedented meeting between Canadian women and black women around the world and from the whole Diasporas. All talented black women are expected.

The Courtyard Marriott Hotel Toronto offers a friendly atmosphere, quiet and comfortable.

Preview of conference schedule:

Friday: Check-in, Dinner and official representation of Africa Femmes Performantes in Toronto, special entertainment.

Saturday: inspirational sessions with Experts panelists will be composed of Parker Mabry, Executive Coach and President of The Anderson Advantage Group (TAAG) in the United States, Patricia Secke, President and Founder of “Africa Femmes Performantes,Inc.” and author of “Journey of a visionary”. Virginia Guidy, Managing Director of House of Shalom, Yvonne Kabeya Managing Director of the Coalition of Francophone immigrant women in Toronto Ontario, Lucie Nzorijana, Attorney in the Country of Burundi and many other talented women. (To suggest a communication and be part of our Experts team, please contact us at @

Lunch with Keynote Speaker, Prophetess Prophetess Shelia Kasey Wojloh: Power of the vision
Guest Speaker: officials and Women Secretary of States in Africa; Powerful Testimonies of Women of Excellence!
Our Commitment: Make You women of Excellence!
Program registration and accomodation clic on the link

All information in English: Tel: +1-240-338-2187 – +1-240 701 3972

Canada: Yvonne Kabeya: (416)345-8449 Poste 102
Fran├žais: +1-240 701 3972 ou + 1- 571-606-5215

Partnership inquiries :

Administration and registration or

Africa Femmes Performantes,Inc
1812, Greenwich wood drive 32
Silver Spring MD, 20903 USA.
EIN number: 27/1581465 Maryland. USA

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