Women of the African Diaspora 3rd Anniversary sponsor M.H.A. Menondji has been nominated for a book award

The annual award presentation will be held in Pittsburgh at the Airport Marriot Hotel on October 1, 2011.

(PRWEB) August 02, 2011
The Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) announces the finalists for its 2011 book awards. This year 66 books in 21 categories have received nominations. The MWSA book awards recognize outstanding military-themed books in a wide range of categories from children to adult. The categories include fiction, non-fiction, spiritual/religious, individual service branches, poetry, business/how to, and others. Entries included books published by traditional, subsidy, self-published, and e-book formats.

In addition, MWSA, together with the Center for the Study of the Korean War, Our History Project, and Positively Pittsburg Live, is a co-sponsor of a special Korean War Book Award. Six books are finalists in this category designed to raise awareness of the conflict known as the “Forgotten War.” The Korean War Book Award contest includes a First Prize Cash Award of $150, was open to all authors who have written a book about the Korean War, whether fiction or non-fiction.

The annual Awards program is MWSA’s most important and exciting function. We focus on content, style, visual, and technique. Each year, more active military, veteran and historians submit their work. Each year, the competition is more intense,” says Joyce Faulkner, president of Military Writers Society of America, “and 2011 is no exception.”

The Military Writers Society of America is an association of more than 800 authors, poets, artists, and photographers whose core principle is a love of the men and women who defend this nation, and an understanding and respect of their sacrifice and dedication.
MWSA 2011 Award Nominees (In no particular order)

Historical Fiction – Event

Beyond Those Hills by M.H.A. Menondji

David & the Mighty Eight by Marjorie Hodgson Parker

Victory Road by Mark Bowlin

The Corydon Snow by Richard Whitten Barnes

Once a Knight by Walt Shiel

Look Long Into the Abyss by A.R. Homer
Historical Fiction ? Chronicle

Shall Never See So Much by Gerald Gillis
Historical Fiction ? Protagonist

For Love of Country by William C. Hammond
Fiction ? Mystery

Loose Ends Kill by Bob Doerr

Laos File by Dale A. Dye

ARGOPELTER by Ronald Smith

I Know Why the Dogwoods Blush by Bill Cain
Fiction ? Thriller

Project Dragonslayers by Kathy Rowe

Pirates & Cartels by Lee & Vista Boyland

Sgt. Rock – The Lost Battalion, HC by Billy Tucci

The Mullahs Storm by Thomas W. Young
Fiction ? Literary

The Book in the Wall by John F. Simpson
Non-Fiction ? History

Eisenhower & Montgomery by William Weidner

Keeping the Promise by Donna Elliott

American Guerilla by Mike Guardia

Targeted Killing by Thomas B. Hunter

T-41 Mescalero: The Military Cessna 172 by Walt Shiel

Lost Eagles by Blaine L. Pardue
Non-Fiction ? Memoir

DAI Uy Hoch by David R. Hoch

Wing Wife by Marcia J. Sargent

Life Interrupted by War by Thomas van Hees

Lullabies for Lieutenants by Franklin Cox

We Came to Fight a War by Jack Flynn & Alvin E. Kotler

Earning My Wings by Shirley Dobbins Forgan
Non-Fiction ? Reference

Aerial Aces of the Universal Newsreel by Philip W. Stewart
Non-Fiction ? Biography

True Blue: A Tale of the Enemy Within by Joe Sanchez & MoDhania

Women in the U.S. Armed Forces by Darlene M. Iskra

Grey Eminence by Edward Cox

Beyond All Price by Carolyn Poling Schriber
Non-Fiction ? How To/Business

Disability Compensation by Thomas van Hees

Breastfeeding in Combat Boots by Robyn Roche-Paul
Non-Fiction ? Creative Non-Fiction

Gated Grief by Leila Levinson
Non-Fiction ? Spiritual/Religious

God + Military Spouse by Lori Kathleen Cline

A Prayer Journey through Deployment by Donna Mull

Bringing Courage to the Courageous by Don Williamson

I Want to be the Fat Pretty One by Lori Kathleen Cline
Artistic ? Pictorial

USAF Interceptors by Marty Isham & David McLaren
Poetry ? Book

Through the Years by James Jellerson

Blooming Red by Carolyn Howard-Johnson & Magdelina Ball

Kings of the Green Jelly Moon by L.King, J.Greenwald, J. Jellerson, M. Mullins
Children ? Ages 12 & Below

The Adventures of Briskey Bear by Steve Bolt

The Sandpiper’s Game by Charles Boyle

Klinger by Betsy Beard

Our Daddy is Invincible by Shannon Maxwell

Eddie & Bingo: A Friendship Tale by Katherine & Kathleen L. Taylor
Military ? Air Force

Safe Landings by Fran McGraw

Belle of the Brawl by Gary A. Best

The Men Who Killed the Luftwaffe by Jay A. Stout

Two Gold Coins and a Prayer by James H. Keeffe lll
Military ? Army

Incoming by Jack Manick

Alan’s Letters by Nancy E. Rial

Still Standing by Jim Kosmo

The Sentinel & the Shooter by Douglas W. Bonnot

Inside the President’s Helicopter by G.T. Boyd & J. Boor

War Remains by Jeffery Miller
Military ? Marines

Obediently Yours, Orson Welles by Ulman Bray
Military ? Navy

The Seventh Angel by Jeff Edwards

The Untold Experiences by C. Gilbert Lowery

Listening to Ghosts by Robert (Bob) Stockton
Military ? Coast Guard

The Coast Guard by Tom Beard
Korean War Book Award

Chitose Road by Robert S. Ruehrdanz

A Hill Called White Horse by Tony Sobieski

The Untold Experiences by C. Gilbert Lowery

Truman & MacArthur by Donald Farinacci

Eddie & Bingo by Kathleen & Katherine Taylor

War Remains by Jeffrey Miller

Congratulations M.H.A. Menondji!

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