Bridging the African Diaspora Online

Hi Everyone, a group of international black female bloggers have submitted a panel discussion for SXSW in Austin next year. The title is Bridging the African Diaspora Online. Part of the selection process requires votes from the online community. Could you possible share this with your following? Here is the link and how to vote:

Sherry Bitting – Parlour Media LLC
Hillary Crosley – Parlour Media LLC
Minna Salami – MsAfropolitan
Nicole Blake –
Phiona Okumu – AfripopMag

The African Diaspora is vast and wide, and with that comes a variety of cultures separated by national boundaries but connected by the spirit and essence of Africa. For years, these cultures have lived separately with little understanding or connection to the lifestyles of others who share similar ideals, concerns or experiences abroad. The Internet has played a large role in connecting these cultures–through music, art, lifestyle and political interests. Over the past few years, there has been an emerging number of female bloggers of color who have become leading voices in their own communities and representations of their cultures to others all over the world. Parlour Media, owner of will host an open discussion featuring four leading female bloggers of color from three of the world’s leading countries to discuss lifestyle and digital trends from their local communities and the benefits that they have gained by connecting with similar women abroad. In addition, panelists will discuss the tools that they have used to build audiences and the strategies that they have found most effective in developing their sites. For global brands that wish to target this segment, this panel will offer a glimpse into the minds and lifestyles of this powerful group who serve as global voices of their communities. It will also offer an opportunity to better understand digital trends and tools that are driving online growth.

Questions Answered:
Who are some of the most influential female bloggers of color in key cities around the world?

How has the Internet helped to bridge the connection between women of the African Diaspora?

What are some of the digital trends that have contributed to online growth in some of the world’s largest cities?

What are some of the most popular lifestyle trends for women of color in Europe, Africa and the US and how has the Internet helped to connect these interests?

What brands are targeting women of color on global scale and who is doing it right? What are some of the most innovative online strategies designed to target this audience?

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