My official letter of accreditation as a National Democratic Convention delegate


On behalf of the Democratic National Committee, I am pleased to congratulate you on your election as a Delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention. This email serves as your Official Certification to this historic gathering in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 4-6, 2012. As your Secretary, this is one of my most serious responsibilities as we prepare for our nominating convention.

This is an important time for the Democratic Party. The nation, and indeed the world, will be watching as we continue to chart our course and vision for the future. We will showcase the accomplishments of the Obama Administration and the talent of our leadership. Our Convention will reflect the diversity and grassroots of our Party – and America.

We will come together to celebrate and enthusiastically re-nominate Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Plus, we will prepare for the General Election. Imagine what we will be able to accomplish when we reelect our President, elect more Democrats to the US Senate, take back the House of Representatives, and our candidates succeed at every level of government. Frankly, I can hardly wait.

We encourage you to visit the 2012 Convention website.

Your State Delegation is your primary point of contact during your time in Charlotte. The morning delegation meeting is the most critical. At that meeting, your daily credential, the schedule with gavel time, caucuses, events and transportation updates, as well as issue discussions, voting procedures and other convention materials will be delivered. Often there are speakers including State Party leadership and others. In addition, on Sunday evening, September 2nd you are invited to attend your Delegation Welcoming Party. Please continue to be in touch with your State Party for further details on this and other information.

The Office of the Secretary can be reached should you have any questions.

Thank you for your service to the Democratic Party. It is an honor to represent President Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention. Your commitment to his victory, your hard work and sacrifice are appreciated, and will be for generations to come.

See you in Charlotte.



Alice Germond
Secretary, Democratic National Committee

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Tammi, Tamika, & Tiffany are sisters and business partners

Tammi, Tamika, & Tiffany


Tammi, Tamika, & Tiffany are sisters who were born & raised in Washington, DC. As kids they were always taking their creativity to new levels, whether putting on homemade fashion shows in their moms closet or turning the whole house into an amusement park!


The three have always kept in touch with their creative side and it was always encouraged by their artist father, and their fashion forward mom. So working in a creative field seemed to be fate for each sister. Studio85 came to be one morning at a coffee house, in their parents hometown of Lancaster, South Carolina.


They were singing songs, making jokes, & somewhere the idea of making funny names for nail polishes came about, and that’s how they came up with idea of creating this line. The name “Studio85” just seemed to flow with the women. They knew they wanted a studio and CEO Tiffany was born in 1985, completing their artistic semi-circle.


Once the company name was decided, the three narrowed down the hundreds of names & color combinations to develop the now exclusive S85 Nail Gloss. With their love for the arts, and their eager ambition to make all things possible these sisters are looking forward to presenting you with all things art and apparel with, Studio85.


Editor’s note: I’m a native Washingtonian and like the DC collection.

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Janice Wilson – a social entrepreneur who understands women

Ron Gluckman for The New York Times
The Arunji founder Janice Wilson showing a hair extension that is ready to ship from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Our purpose is to honor the beauty of cultivation and service.
Arjuni is a socially conscious human hair supplier and manufacturer that empowers our employees, clients and global community through cultivation and service.

Arjuni is the only supplier and retailer in the world that manages every aspect of virgin human hair extensions, including collection, fabrication and sanitization. Because of our unique position in the industry, our clients are confident that their virgin tresses are authentic and of impeccable quality.

Based in Cambodia, our facilities are located at Studio 33, Street 173 Sangkat Olympic, Chamkamorn in Phnom Penh.

Read more about Janice and Arunji on and in the NY Times.

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Sisters Venus and Serena Williams win their 5th Wimbledon Doubles title

Click on the image to view video highlights of the match.

“For me it’s been definitely a journey,”

Venus said after the match.

“ I’m sure it still will be. But I’m definitely very inspired by her [Serena] and everything that she’s done. Like I said, we’re not into the whole getting defeated thing; we’re into the conquering thing.”

Read more on the Wimbledon website.

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