Zhana’s choreopoem about Harriet Jacobs to be featured at the London Black Film Festival

Zhana shared this link:

Listen to “Harriet”.

“Harriet” is a choreopoem by Zhana which explores themes around the sexual exploitation of African American women during enslavement.

“Harriet” tells the true story of Harriet Jacobs, author of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, and portrays an imaginary meeting between her and Harriet Tubman. Harriet Jacobs hid in a tiny attic for seven years to escape the attentions of her white slavemaster.

Once free, she realized that freedom had always been her birthright, not something she should have to buy.

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A Gathering of Sisters Recap

A Gathering of Sisters Recap: Honoring Adrianne George, founder of Black Women in Europe™, Women of the African Diaspora Networks and co-editor of Black Expat Magazine

On August 1, 2009 about 15 ladies from the Black Women in Europe™ and Women of the African Diaspora social networks and readers of Evia Moore’s Ezine, at the bequest of Lorraine Spencer, gathered at the home of Katrice N. Jones on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Sisters were in town from Philadelphia, New York and Stockholm as well as the Washington, DC metropolitan area and were treated to a regional delicacy, crab cakes, fruit, veggies, chicken, sweet and savory patisseries and smoothies.

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In between the jovial and robust conversations, among women in a variety of professions, about world travel, autism, and living in Asia, Europe and the United States we were treated to massage therapy by Barbara Hakal of Hakalistics Healing Hands.

And no one left empty handed but instead with swag bags filled with treats including the career book for women, Ambition is not a dirty word, soothing help for high heel wearers appropriately called “Soulmates”, a Pingo calling card and more.

“This is the second time Lorraine has pulled us together as a group. The first time I met some of the sisters from the Black Women in Europe social network was in January 2007. I was in from Sweden visiting my parents in Washington, DC and called Lorraine”, Adrianne George explains. “I put the word out in the network and Lorraine, Didi and Katrice met me at the Washington Marriott. We had a good time. But when Lorraine pulled the network together this past January for ‘A Room Full of Sistahs’ it was magical. So many members were in from Europe for Obama’s inauguration”, says George. “Our August event felt just as good”.

Autism: http://www.AutismAnthem.com
Black Expat: http://www.BlackExpat.com
Black Female Interracial Marriage: http://www.BlackFemaleInterRacialMarriage.com
Black Women in Europe™ Social Network: http://BlackWomenInEurope.ning.com
Hakalistics Healing Hands: http://www.hakalistics.org
Women of the African Diaspora Social Network: http://WomenOfTheAfricanDiaspora.com

Books: http://www.AmbitionIsNotADirtyWord.com
Booklets: http://www.LAForFreeAlmost.com
Book marks: http://www.DivaToolBox.com
Phone Card: http://www.pingo.com
Gift Certificate: http://ImpactLifeCoaching.info
Soulmates: http://www.Soulemates.com

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The Annual ISD-Bundestreffen is approaching.


ISD photo from a previous year.

06. – 09.08.2009 in Helmarshausen

Beim ISD-Bundestreffen

trifft sich jedes Jahr die Schwarze Gemeinschaft in Deutschland.

Im November 1985 riefen zum ersten Mal Schwarze Frauen und Männer bundesweit zu einem Treffen in Wiesbaden auf, um aus der damals erlebten Isolation in einer weißen Gesellschaft herauszutreten. Viele folgten diesem Aufruf. Das war der Anstoß für eine bundesweite (damals vorerst noch die alte Bundesrepublik Deutschland) Bewegung Schwarzer Menschen in Deutschland. Ein Novum im Deutschland nach dem Nationalsozialismus. Vieles hat sich seit diesen Anfängen geändert. Aus einer überschaubaren Anzahl von Kontakten wurde eine vielschichtige Vernetzung. Schwarze Menschen bearbeiten Themen miteinander, schaffen Diskussionsforen, schaffen Wissen, gestalten ihren privaten wie öffentlichen Raum.

Es wird Workshops, Vorträge, Gespräche, Austausch, Infostände, Kinderprogramm und viel Raum zum Selbstgestalten geben. Abends gibt´s Kultur pur, z.B. Filme, Performance/ Lesung, DJ- und Live-Musik. Und natürlich könnt ihr bei Ragga, Soul, Soukouss, Hip Hop und allem was sonst noch Spaß macht, abtanzen. Themen auf den Bundestreffen sind Schwarze Geschichte, Schwarze Menschen in Bildung und Beruf, Schwarze Netzwerke, Schwarze Identitäten in Deutschland, Stärkung der Kinder und Jugend, Selbstbehauptung im Alltag, und vieles mehr …

Get more information about the ISD-Bundestreffen.

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MAF Fashion Battle tijdens Cultuurnacht Almere 2009!


Zaterdag 12 september 2009 organiseert Music And Fashion Battle (MAFB) een fashion show in samenwerking met Museum De Paviljoens tijdens de Cultuurnacht Almere 2009. Een groots outdoor cultuurfestival waarvoor wij drie modeontwerpers zoeken uit de regio Almere en omstreken.

Ken jij iemand of ben jij dé high – fashion – haute couture designer die we zoeken? Maak dan voor 28 juni een profiel aan op www.depaviljoens.nl en geef je met je profiel op als deelnemer van de MAF Fashion Battle Almere via de kalender. Wij stomen je klaar voor een super fashion show!

Voorwaarden deelname:
– Je maakt een profiel aan op www.depaviljoens.nl (registreer rechts boven);
– Jouw catwalkshow duurt 6 tot 8 minuten;
– Jouw collectie bestaat uit zes tot acht stukken;
– Jouw modellen komen uit de regio Almere en omstreken;
– Jouw modellen zijn in augustus beschikbaar voor catwalktraining;
– Je bent in augustus beschikbaar voor radio- en tv-interviews;
– Je bent op 12 september 2009 beschikbaar van 10.00 uur ‘s ochtends tot 24.00 uur ‘s nachts;
– Je levert jouw biografie aan via je profiel (200 tot 300 woorden);
– Je levert foto’s van je collectie aan via je profiel (twee tot drie foto’s);
– Je levert een foto van jezelf aan via je profiel (één foto);
– Je neemt op 12 september 2009 één dresser, één visagist en één hairstylist mee.

Binnenkort meer informatie, maar hou je agenda alvast vrij!
Met vriendelijke groet,

Museum De Paviljoens Music And Fashion Battle
Eva van Diggelen Richard Soesanna en Marian Duff
Curator kunst in publieke ruimte en Land Art Celebrate music and fashion
00 31 (0)36-5450400
00 31 (0)6-27240379

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Call For Papers: Zora Neale Hurston Festival 2010

Hat tip: Lorraine Spencer

Scholars are invited to submit papers for the 2010 Zora Neale Hurston Festival of the Arts and Humanities (January 23 – 31). The festival theme is “Reflection on the Life and Legacy of Zora Neale Hurston 50 Years After Her Death.”

The legacy of Zora Neale Hurston is a phenomenon that has undergone a remarkable development and expansion in recent decades, embracing, among others, topics in ethnic identity, social interactions, feminist theory, and cultural continuity. Hurston’s unique insights into folklore, performance, and creative expression have invited new interpretation and inspired emulation, while the corpus of her own work has grown as a result of research and discovery. The committee will welcome papers exploring the dynamic dimensions of the Hurston legacy from theoretical and/or historical perspectives and will be especially attentive to appropriate consideration of past, present, and emerging scholarly content.

In a tradition of excellence, scholars are encouraged to engage the literature and discourse of
their respective fields at the same that they present their findings during the public forum in a form that is accessible to academics in other disciplines and is also intellectually stimulating for an intelligent general audience.

Submission Instructions:
Submit a 150-word abstract along with an 500-word summary of your paper that of your paper that indicates the thesis or central question, which you plan to explore, as well as an idea of the theoretical framework within which your findings will be considered.

Abstract and summary are due June 1, 2009. If your work is accepted for the festival, a copy of the full paper must be submitted by November1, 2009.

Email your submission to:
Deidre Crumbley deidre_crumbley@ncsu.edu
N. Y. Nathiri apec@cfl.rr.com

Then Mail Hard Copy to:
Hurston Papers 2010
Preserve the Eatonville Community, Inc. (P.E.C.)
227 East Kennedy Boulevard
Eatonville, Florida 32751

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Call For Papers: Claiming Sarah Baartman: The Politics around Black Womanhood, Identity and Representation in Africa and the Diaspora

Hat tip: Zola Mumford

Call for Submissions/Edited Collection

The woman known as Sarah/Saartje Baartman, created into the infamous “Hottentot Venus,” (who was taken from South Africa, exhibited in London and Paris from 1810-1815, and her remains exhibited in Paris until her return and burial in South Africa in 2002), is the subject of contemporary, international discourse on how she is to be understood as an African woman, a South African national icon, a Diasporic/exiled spirit and a manifestation in contemporary modes of representing black women”s bodies in US and European discourse.

I am looking for essays for an edited collection that examines the politics around the Sarah Baartman/”Hottentot Venus” narrative. Relevant papers will theorize contemporary forms of representation and appropriation of African women (especially South African) and African Diasporic women and men. This collection is the first of its kind to offer a space for scholars, cultural journalists and activists to examine the legacy of Baartman’s life (which has been presented in various new biographies by Rachel Holmes, Clifton Crais and Pamela Scully). There is little know about Baartman, which is why the work that Dr. Yvette Abrahams is conducting at the University of the Western Cape, SA called the HERSTORY PROJECT, is seminal in finding an Africanist alternative rendering of a woman, whose life has left a profound impact on the ways in which Black women are displayed/represented the world over. The biographies on Baartman create larger gaps as they reconstitute the “Hottentot Venus” and speculate largely on Baartman, as woman, as African. This collection seeks to gather scholarly writing which grapples with Baartman, the person and the “Hottentot Venus” as figment of Euro-imagination, and the ways in which various groups are privileged to tell her story as authoritative and thus, factual. Specifically, this collections aims to present voices from non-US centered discursive spaces; prioritizing writing from Africa, the Caribbean, South and Central America and the Diaspora in Europe.

Relevant Papers will explore some of the following issues/questions:

What issues around voice/voicelessness/voices can be considered;
What issues around Baartman’s sexuality the “Hottentot” assumed hypersexuality can be considered;
What issues around duality (Baartman vs. Hottentot Venus) can be considered;
Issues of migration/exile;
Issues of agency;
Issues of contemporary representation (in literature/media/public/national spaces);
Issues of contemporary popular/consumerist cultural production;
Issues of location and liminality; rituals and sacredness;
Issues of national appropriation;
Issues of masculine re-appropriation (modern day “Hottietots”) in Western Hip-Hop videos;
KhoiSan cultural remittances on Baartman’s legacy;
Issues of slavery;
Issues of naming;
Questioning the academic space as site of discourse for Baartman’s narrative;
Claiming/insisting on womanist activism based on Baartman’s legacy;
Re-writing/re-writing/re-membering Baartman’s narrative from an African/Diasporic, non-Eurocentric perspective;
Critiquing the contemporary literature (fiction/poetry/biography/visual arts) published on Baartman;
Drawing connections with African media and Baartman’s legacy;
The HERSTORY Project: education and Baartman.

Please submit a complete draft of your essay and a brief CV (200 words) by June 30, 2009, as two separate MS Word documents in an e-mail attachment to: indisunflower@yahoo.com. Essays should follow MLA style guideline and include parenthetical references for citations, endnotes and Works Cited pages. Papers must be written in English but all translations should be quoted in original language and translated as an endnote. Papers should include a provisional title and should be no more than 20 pages in length, single spaced. Do not hesitate to contact the editor, Natasha Gordon-Chipembere by email, if you have questions about the relevance of your potential contribution.

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Call For Papers: Caribbean Dislocations / Caribbean Diasporas

Hat tip: Zola Mumford

12th International Conference of the Association Of Caribbean Women Writers And Scholars
April 20-24, 2010

Louisiana State University
Lod Cook Conference Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Deadline for Proposals: October 1, 2009

Conference theme:: Caribbean Dislocations / Caribbean Diasporas

Confirmed Guest Speakers:

Keynote: Lorna Goodison
Featured Writers: Mayra Santos-Febres, Lakshmi Persaud, Fabienne Kanor Marie-Célie Agnant, and Ismene Krishnadath
Featured Artist: Deborah Jack

Conference Co-Chairs:
Myriam J. A. Chancy & Angeletta KM. Gourdine, LSU

ACWWS is pleased to announce a call for papers for the 12th conference of the society to be held at the Lod Cook Conference Center of LSU, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The unique position of Louisiana as a historical and cultural point of encounter with the Caribbean gives us the opportunity to consider a re-conceptualization of the “Caribbean” in terms of its Diasporas and connections to the Americas. Our conference theme, Caribbean Dislocations / Caribbean Diasporas, urges explorations and interceptions of “traditional” notions of regions, boundaries, movement, and portable identities, as well as explorations between merging Caribbean, Latino, and African Diasporas. We also encourage investigations of the relationship between the experience of dislocation with the historical processes of Diaspora in interdisciplinary and international contexts. We welcome papers and presentations focusing primarily on the unique contribution that writing by Caribbean women renders of that negotiation.

Panels and presentations based on the work of our celebrated featured authors and artist are especially appreciated. ACWWS is also calling for presentations that highlight creative writing in particular, including workshops that would allow emerging Caribbean authors individual attention in a unique collaborative setting. Please note that though the conference highlights Caribbean women writers, presentations and panels from all disciplines, on all aspects of Caribbean women’s experience, are invited. The conference will make every effort to accommodate presentations in all of the recognized, official languages of the Caribbean, aside from English: French, Kreyol, Spanish, Dutch.

Suggested Paper/ Panel Topics:

Dislocation and diasporas, migration
Boundaries and border crossings
Sexuality and gender in Caribbean women’s writing
Labor, social class, and agency
French Caribbean and/or Haitian writing
Louisiana, Caribbean, and Gulf ties
Creativity and process in writing
Panels on the work of invited keynote and guest speakers
Spanish Caribbean and Latin American connections / disconnections
Anglophone Caribbean writing
Historical crossings and contemporary changes
Globalization and local impacts
Caribbean children’s literature
Travel writing and cultural encounter / clash
Caribbean film
Caribbean religious culture
African Diaspora connections, legacies, and re-appropriations
Women’s material and expressive culture in Caribbean writing
Linguistic border-crossings
Indo-Caribbean culture and literature
Post-colonialism, neo-colonialism, and the Caribbean
Music and song in Caribbean women’s writing
Memory, migration, and new community formation
Dutch Caribbean writing
Multiple identities and poly-vocality in Caribbean women’s writing
Feminist readings of Caribbean men’s writing/or women in the works of Caribbean male writers

All papers must represent new, previously unpublished work. Please include your full name, institutional affiliation, title, phone number and email address with your proposal. Performance artists are also encouraged to submit proposals for music, film and/or theatre presentations.

We strongly encourage panel proposals. A panel proposal should include a detailed abstract for each paper, a designated chair, and a short statement as to why the submissions should be considered as a panel rather than as individual presentations.

For all submissions, please submit: paper/panel title, 200-word abstract of paper(s), a short bio. with affiliation, of presenter(s).

Additionally, a small number of travel subsidies for graduate students and Caribbean participants will be available based on demonstrable need i.e. lack of support from institutional and governmental sources. To apply for a travel subsidy, write a short letter of request that includes proof of need and accompany the letter with the submission of your presentation abstract.

Submissions and inquiries should be emailed to: caribbean@lsu.edu

For Conference details as they become available, please visit http://www.acwws.org

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