Subject: Toronto Congress reminder October 28/29, 2011 Courtyard Marriott Downtown Toronto Canada


Dear participants, members and partners,

Welcome to the International Congress of Black women for 2011. During two days, 28th– 29th October 2011, we are bringing together visionaries for change, Creativity and Entrepreneurship from across the world toGreater Toronto Area in Canada.


Toronto city Hall

Congress President Mrs. Patricia Secke will speak about the vision: African Women on the continent and in Diaspora connected, committed and coordinated in building, fortifying and elevating leaders, organizations, governments and corporation that equip women entrepreneurs, elected officials, employers and employees to maximize their capacity and ability.

In addition to the various workshops, we have secured Mrs. Parker Mabry, President and Founder of The Anderson Advantage Group in the United States of America, as our Mistress of ceremony and conference speaker. As Congress partner, she will bring a unique combination to your stage, ensuring your congress is valuable. Parker offers either a Brain storming Board session or breakout session. Get the most and very best from her.

 “We are African women from the same ancestors yet different homelands. Our faces, bodies and voices are so beautifully similar. During the 2011 International Congress of Black Women our ancestors will rejoice as we raise our collective voice and choice to create a healthier, wealthier life for ourselves, our families, our countries and the world,” proclaims Keynote Speaker, Attorney Alison Velez Lane who is the Chief Executive Officer of Campaign Train Group. Campaign Train Group offers training seminars, reference materials and individual coaching for business owners, elected officers, group leaders and political a portion of speech of Alison Velez Lane, esq. Out of Time: Endless Possibilties:

Our Canadian partners:  Yvonne Kabeya (Executive Director of Le Regroupement des Femmes Immigrantes Francophones Toronto) and Karine Morin(Senior Manager RDEEOntario / La bonne affaire – Opportunities for All)


                               Yvonne Kabeya             Karine Morin

and many dignitaries will welcome the Participants. The sessions feature Aboriginal, business, and government leaders presenting their perspectives on international cooperation challenges. Panelists and participants will assess the effectiveness of current efforts to address these challenges, the barriers to progress, and how best to move forward.

We will also have local Medias and Paris television Reporter Bruno Leuta from “L’Image de La Communication”. Mosaique Afro france.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend this year’s exciting congress. You can register over the , using your credit card.

email us at:

Or Contact Christophe at

Tel: +1240 701 3972 // +1-(202)-862-1168 no later than Tuesday October 26th, to RSVP.

Contact AFP Toronto: Yvonne Kabeya: Tel: +1 (416)345-8449 Ext 102 – Cell : +1 (647) 784-3302

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INVITATION: The City of Toronto will host the Black Women of Excellence from around the world.

As part of preparations for the forthcoming 5th International Congress of Black Women scheduled in West Africa, July 2012, Work sessions will be held in Canada Toronto in October 28-29, 2011 at Courtyard Marriott Toronto.

This conference is designed to provide brain storming sessions and best practice sharing for the next 2012 Congress in West Africa. The program will empower women corporately to: BUILD a unique alliance of skills, STRENGTHEN our leadership skills and IMPACT in power our vision and the legacy of the women’s business community around the world. Our goal: Bring answers to the most complex needs of our society. Women act and the world changes!

October 28-29, 2011 – TORONTO CANADA

Toronto City Hall


Courtyard Toronto Downtown

475 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 1X7, Canada

You are invited to join us with other women, at this unprecedented meeting between Canadian women and black women around the world and from the whole Diasporas. All talented black women are expected.

The Courtyard Marriott Hotel Toronto offers a friendly atmosphere, quiet and comfortable.

Preview of conference schedule:

Friday: Check-in, Dinner and official representation of Africa Femmes Performantes in Toronto, special entertainment.

Saturday: inspirational sessions with Experts panelists will be composed of Parker Mabry, Executive Coach and President of The Anderson Advantage Group (TAAG) in the United States, Patricia Secke, President and Founder of “Africa Femmes Performantes,Inc.” and author of “Journey of a visionary”. Virginia Guidy, Managing Director of House of Shalom, Yvonne Kabeya Managing Director of the Coalition of Francophone immigrant women in Toronto Ontario, Lucie Nzorijana, Attorney in the Country of Burundi and many other talented women. (To suggest a communication and be part of our Experts team, please contact us at @

Lunch with Keynote Speaker, Prophetess Prophetess Shelia Kasey Wojloh: Power of the vision
Guest Speaker: officials and Women Secretary of States in Africa; Powerful Testimonies of Women of Excellence!
Our Commitment: Make You women of Excellence!
Program registration and accomodation clic on the link

All information in English: Tel: +1-240-338-2187 – +1-240 701 3972

Canada: Yvonne Kabeya: (416)345-8449 Poste 102
Français: +1-240 701 3972 ou + 1- 571-606-5215

Partnership inquiries :

Administration and registration or

Africa Femmes Performantes,Inc
1812, Greenwich wood drive 32
Silver Spring MD, 20903 USA.
EIN number: 27/1581465 Maryland. USA

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The International Committee of Africa Femmes Performantes is pleased to invite you to a unique event to be held from March 17 to 19, 2011, in Baltimore in the United States

AFRICA FEMMES PERFORMANTES is one of the largest gatherings of African women leaders and politicians around the world. Africa Femmes Performantes is part of the Africa Union action « Towards the emergence of a united and integrated Africa and its Diaspora: a shared vision for a sustainable development aimed at taking up common challenges »

To achieve this ambitious goal, Africa Femmes Performante just cooperated with one of important African American Business Network: The Professional Black woman. It is a real opportunity to connect Africa Femmes Performantes’ network from Europe and Africa, with the right mentorships, partnerships, resources, and skills needed to increase our bottom line.

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International Congress of Black Women

November, 25th- December 3rd 2009, Kinshasa – Democratic Republic of Congo

Under the High patronage of the First Lady of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ms Olive Lembe Kabila.

Continental Women will welcome women from African descent and women from the Diasporas. Theme: The integration of Black Women Resources in the process of economic development and worldwide cooperation.

This historical meeting will provide the opportunity to women of Excellency in all sector of activity, to mentor and inspire young women to fulfil their potential and make impact in nations; to find out about new projects and how to get involved with African and Diasporan.

General presentation

Established in 2003, by Patricia Tseli Faraut, a Cameroonian lady settled in France for 17 years, Africa Femmes Performantes, an African organization is responsible for promoting black women entrepreneurship worldwide by valuing and developing their talents. Africa Femmes Performantes’ responsibility is to associate the voices of African-American women to the construction of specifics bounds between America, Africa and European Diasporas.

“The International Congress of black Women is the First International Congress intended to promote and develop black women entrepreneurship worldwide. Our mission is to collect black talented women who participate actively in the emergence of a new Africa. What constitutes progress? Where are we headed? At a time of major world changes, what forms of progress do black women most need and want? What are our hopes for our future?

How to build a real community of black business women worldwide? This network collects hundreds women from Africa, Caribbean islands, America, Europe, and Asia who lead concrete projects and opportunities in areas such as food-processing industries, Health and Healthiness, Environment, fashion…

This global meeting is an invitation to each of us to discover, celebrate and commit to a more positive Africa through its achievements and potential. Each of us can and must be an actor of this first historical meeting.


The Congress will be the moment to challenge conventional thinking, at both a collective and individual level to build specifics bounds between Africa and the Diasporas.

“Africa Femmes Performances’ responsibility to associate the voices of African-American women to the construction of specifics bounds between America, Africa and the Diasporas.

Contribute to modify the negative perception of Africa by Africans, African Americans and neo-diasporan, by emphasizing on the positive achievements in various sectors. To create a global campaign for Africa and the diasporas aimed at mobilizing individuals, sportswomen, artists, institutions, corporations and government in favor of black community.

Get the full dretails on the International Congress of Black Women.

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