Natural haircare with Ayurveda herbs and oil

Sisay International introduces ayurveda herbs and oils for haircare

Janine van Throo

For 5 years Sisay Internationals have been active in the natural haircare business. Hair treatments with herbs, oils and clays for healthy strong growing hair. In March of this year Sisay Internationals introduces the concept of “Hairwellness” a concept in which everything that could be damaging for the hair is seen as a taboe.

`I have experienced how treating your hair with natural products and products on natural basis can benefit the health of your hair” says Janine van Throo, founder and owner of Sisay International natural. In the Sisay Wellness Boutique opened earlier this year, woman of color have finally found a place where they can get unique hair treatments with pure, natural herbs, clays and oils.

The clientel of Sisay International is constantly expanding, according to Janine, this is because the wellness boutique offers services that  a lot of people have been looking and waiting for. A place where they can be treated with natural products and a place where people have knowledge of natural / black hair that has not been chemically altered. In the Range of the herbs Sisay carries the recently added ayurvedic herbs and oils such as Amla, Shikakai, Hibiscus, rose and Neem. Ayurveda oils and herbs are being used for centuries now for treating and preventing hair issues such as hairloss, alopeicia, gray hair. But these herbs are also absolutely suitable for one who wants to get healthy strong growing hair.

According to Janine people are getting aware of the damage chemicals can do, so they search for natural alternatives. With these treatments Janine knows for sure she offers something unique that people truly need. She also hopes that this is something more hairdressers would want to offer to their clients. Although we are specialists on treating natural black hair, we do treat other types of hair since the herbs are suitable for all hairtypes, says Janine.

Sisay International – Almere
Janine van Throo
Sisay wellness Boutique
Reguliersdwarsstraat 49-2
1017 BK Amsterdam- Netherlands
Tel:+31 6 29384659

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