Author and Women of the African Diaspora Anniversary sponsor M.H.A. Menondji wins another award for her latest novel

Military Writers Society of America 2011 BOOK AWARD WINNERS

Historical Fiction – Event
Look Long Into the Abyss by A.R. Homer – 2nd Runner Up
The Corydon Snow by Richard Whitten Barnes – 1st Runner UP
Beyond Those Hills: An Officer and a Lady – Private Battles of a Female Warrior
by M.H.A. Menondji – Honorable Mention
Once a Knight By Walt Shiel-Bronze
David & the Mighty Eight by Marjorie Hodgson Parker-Silver
Victory Road by Mark Bowlin – Gold

See the full list of winners.

About M.H.A. Menondji

M.H.A. Menondji

African-born and Award-winning author M.H.A. Menondji migrated to the United States a decade ago from France. A graduate from the French Universities of Orleans and La Sorbonne (International Law), she also holds a B.A. in Political Science from Whittier College, CA. Published a year before she joined the US Navy, “Beyond Those Hills: an Officer and a Lady” was her first full-length novel. Read more about the author on her website.

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