WAD Anniversary Sponsor – Uncaged Birds radio program with anniversary winner: Writer and blogger Minna Salami

Do you call yourself a feminist – or do you shy away from “The F-Word” like a vampire shies away from garlic?

Do you follow Alice Walker’s example and think of yourself a womanist instead?

Or do you believe that the biggest part of that particular battle has already been fought and it’s time for us all to simply move on?

No matter on which side of this discussion you fall, you are invited to join me with my guest, writer and blogger Minna Salami, as we discuss the role and importance of female liberation for women of African descent living and working in Europe.


Topic: The Other “F-Word”
Special Guest: Minna Salami (writer and blogger)
Date: 15 March 2011
Time: 7.30 pm CET // 1.30 pm EST
Duration: Approx. 60 minutes
Dial-in*: +1-724-444-7444 (Call I.D. 95377)
URL*: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/95377

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