New Women of the African Diaspora Website Logo

Announcing the new Women of the African Diaspora website and social network logo

Please contact if you still see the old logo floating around.

Here’s the link to the designer’s website:

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Women of the African Diaspora Website Celebrates First Anniversary

Website for Black Women is about to unveil a new look for its anniversary.

Rotterdam, NL/Stockholm, SWE October 29, 2008 – Women of the African Diaspora website is having a birthday complete with gifts for its readers. The website, which celebrates Black women, will unveil its new look and a new domain name on November 1, 2008.

“Women of the African Diaspora website is simply better than ever,” says Sandra Rafaela, Women of the African Diaspora’s co-founder and co-editor. “We are working very hard to create a website that provides information, inspiration and more for Black women around the world.”

Women of the African Diaspora website leverages the global reach of the Internet to share relevant news, event notices and showcase a wide range of talented Black women including authors, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and others. And with Black women living on virtually every continent, it certainly has a large market.

“Women of the African Diaspora’s website content is very compelling and shines a positive spotlight on Black women that main stream media far too often ignores,” says Adrianne George, Women of the African Diaspora‘s co-founder and co-editor. “The number of visitors to the site has increased each month over the past year, and our new look and new domain name make us the perfect choice for advertisers who want to reach the important market of Black women consumers.”

The year has been marked with highlights for the Women of the African Diaspora co-editors, with Ms. Rafaela’s Afro European Sisters Network blog being awarded blogged’s “great” rating. Ms. George’s Black Women in Europe blog was a member of a credentialed blogging team at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Her blog also won the Helping Hand Award, a 2009 Black Web Award for Best European Website, and was a finalist for a 2008 Black Weblog award.

Within the next year, Ms. Rafaela and Ms. George have big goals for the website: to introduce new categories including a section showcasing photographers, increase the number of visitors, attract quality advertisers, and continue to fill every page of Women of the African Diaspora with inspiration and information for Black women.

“We’ve come so far in just one year,” explains George. “We haven’t just built a website, we’ve built a community with the Women of the African Diaspora Social Network. Rafaela explains, “We have really enjoyed meeting accomplished and positive Black women while providing them with a unique platform for exposure. We’re ready to take on year two.”

Anniversary gifts are provided by Creating Tomorrow, iPavilion, Marsha T. Jenkins, Lutishia Lovely, and Victoria Wells.

More information is available at

Contact: Sandra Rafaela
Adrianne George


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Opinions From Women of African Descent Wanted

We received this request today:

My sorority is sponsoring an International Awareness 1 day conference in March 09 – the focus will be women of the African Diaspora, working together. So, of course I thought of you.

Before the conference, we’re trying to gather information and opinions from as many women of African descent – all over the world, that we can, so wanted to ask if you’d be interested in participating. Basically, I have a 10-question survey that asks about your views of women in your country. The idea is for us to understand what’s good and what’s bad, so that we can work together to develop an action plan to address the issues facing all women.


The MyAfricanDiaspora Team

If you would like to participate please email the ansers to the following questions to Veronica:

Tell me how you see the role on women in your culture/country?

What shaped your view?

Do you agree with this role for women in your culture/country?

What are the strengths for women in your culture/country?

What are the challenges?

How do and or other women you know cope with the challenges?

If you had a magic wand what changes would you make and why?

What would you like for your sisters in America to know about the culture of women in your country?

Is there a particular group of women in your country that are in need of special assistance?

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

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