Ellevest staff as of December 2017.

How We Started

“Have you ever had one of those head-slapping, ‘a-ha!’ moments?” That’s what happened when, after years of working on Wall Street, our co-founder and CEO, Sallie Krawcheck, realized the investing industry has been, frankly, “by men, for men” — and has historically kept women from achieving their financial goals. Sallie has made it her life’s mission to close the gender money gaps for women.

Who We Are

Financial specialists, technologists, engineers, client experience specialists, designers, writers, creatives and entrepreneurs! It’s really hard to capture the Ellevest team in a sentence or two because, as a company, we believe that the best business results come from as diverse a team as possible. So we’ve made it a priority to recruit colleagues from all kinds of different backgrounds–from gender, race and ethnicity, and gender preference, to age, socioeconomic, religion, geographic and beyond. Because we get asked, here are just a few data points:

As of December 2017:

• 69% of Ellevest team members are women
• 73% of our leadership team are women
• 37% of the Ellevest team are people of color

Ellevest Fun Fact

Our conference rooms are named for badass women: Ruth (Bader Ginsburg), Ada (Lovelace), Grace (Hopper), Mickie (Siebert), Gloria (Steinem), Michelle (Obama), and Alice (Walker).

“Black Women in Europe™ Blog is excited to be working with Ellevest to start this conversation about women and money, and we may receive compensation if you become an Ellevest client.”