Mello Week 1

It’s baaack! Melodiefestivalen! In Sweden, it seems you either love it or hate it! I wasn’t sure what to think the first time I watched it, except for it was a really fun night! But it was a fun night because my hosts made it into a party. We had dinner, and then we had a Melodiefestivalen party. Complete with prizes for the kids. And that was the other thing, it’s a family affair!

So now each year I look forward to being able to cheer a little, heck, a LOT harder for the sisters and brothers that look for me in the Swedish Song competition I’m always hopeful they’ll go on to represent Sweden in Eurovision.

So this year I’m cheering for Renaida – ”All The Feels”

and John Lundvik – ”My Turn”.

I’ll be in the audience next week in Gothenburg! I won’t peek ahead to see who will compete.

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