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You are welcome to the 4th Afrofinns Gala Night. This annual event is an opportunity to bring together the whole Afro-Finnish community as well as people from outside the community. opportunity to take pleasure in the delightful facets of Afro-Finnish culture.

Afrofinns Gala Night 4th edition

Time & Location

09. kesäk. 2024 klo 18.00 – 23.00

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

About The Event

Afrofinns Gala Night is a recurring event promoting and celebrating the enormous talent, accomplishments, and significant contributions of people of African descent in Finland, to create a tradition for the members to thrive for excellence, think outside the box, and continuously challenge themselves for a higher goal.

The Afrofinns Gala Night is an opportunity to showcase what the diversity of the Afro-Finnish Community is all about. It is to celebrate cultural diversity, share traditional customs through music and dance, and discover new tastes through food and drink. The program content includes folk plays, cultural dance, singers and an Award presentation. The Afrofinns Gala night has been organized three times already in Helsinki. In 2023 the event will be also in Helsinki.

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