Lola at a book signing event in Malmo

It’s no often I go so much bang for my buck. I went to Malmo yesterday to support Lola Akinmade‘s latest book signing. Not only did I get to bask in her fabulousness and listen to her drop truth bombs about the black woman’s experience in Sweden (and other immigrants and those born here who don’t look like they were born here), I celebrated my Soror Caroline Cline’s birthday, met Rafaela Stalbalk Klose in person, met another sister in the AIC Malmö, was SO HAPPY to see author Kimberly Golden Malmgren, AND Suzanne Samuels! I got hugs, hugs, hugs, and gave hugs, hugs, hugs. And there’s more: to be in the room with so many amazing black women across the African Diaspora, in Sweden, and be the majority, was LIFE!

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