Hip Hop, Knowledge and the Academy

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Friday, February 17, 2017 –
2:30pm to 5:00pm
St Luke’s Chapel, Radcliffe Observatory

Professor Marcyliena Morgan (Executive Director of The Hiphop Archive) will introduce students and researchers in Oxford to The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute at the Hutchins Center, Harvard University: the motivation behind its creation, its institutional structure, areas of research, and emphasis on the three targets ‘Build, Respect, Represent’. The Hiphop Archive was established in 2002, and its mission is to facilitate and encourage the pursuit of knowledge, art, culture, and responsible leadership through hip hop:

Why do universities need to archive and research contemporary popular culture? How can the study of hip hop foster new understandings of cultural value and knowledge in academia? Finally, yet importantly, what kind of knowledge can be exchanged between researchers of hip hop in the US and institutions in the UK working with hip hop, British rap and grime? How can we think comparatively about similar projects and initiatives in the UK? These are some of the issues that will be addressed.

Professor Marcyliena Morgan is the archive’s founding director and a professor in the Department of African American Studies (Harvard). She is the author of many publications that focus on youth, gender, language, culture, identity, sociolinguistics, discourse and interaction, including Language, Discourse and Power in African American Culture (Cambridge University Press, 2002), The Real Hiphop – Battling for Knowledge, Power, and Respect in the Underground (Duke University Press, 2008), and Speech Communities (Cambridge University Press, 2014).

The seminar will run from 2.30pm – 4.15pm, at which time a drinks reception will follow until 5.00pm.

Respondents: Lloyd Pratt (University of Oxford), Louisa Layne (University of Oxford), and Jason Stanyek (University of Oxford).

All welcome.

Registration is free but essential via eventbrite. Click here to register.

Humanities & Identities
Race and Resistance across Borders in the Long Twentieth Century
Contact name: Tessa Roynon
Contact email: tessa.roynon@rai.ox.ac.uk
Audience: Open to all


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  1. This a great way of education…a little like singing the alphabet to your children…well done

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