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Through the eyes of 5 black women in Oslo +Happy birthday Mommy!

QUEENDOM offers spectacular live performances with a conscious and positive message. Through energetic music, slam-poetry and strong vocal harmonies, this performing arts collective aims at entertaining audiences in a humorous and intelligent way. Queendom has developed a unique sound based on their musical heritage – from blues and soul, to highlife, soukouss, reggae, hip-hop and slam poetry. Welcome to the new face of Scandinavia – welcome to QUEENDOM.


Queendom is based in Oslo, Norway, and draws on the talent and experience of five performing artists with backgrounds from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, Trinidad and Gambia. Queendom was established in 1999, and as an all black, all female performing arts collective, it is still unique in Norway. The members are professional actors, journalists, singers and songwriters.


Queendom aims to create both socially aware and entertaining performances. Presenting original material, they touch on themes relevant to their everyday lives, such as racism, identity, women’s issues – as well as universal issues of friendship and love. Queendom is both thought-provoking and fun! Using political satire as their trademark, the group has succeeded in creating public debate and making audiences both think, feel and dance – truly a mind, soul and body experience.


Queendom came to the attention of the Norwegian public in 1999 after the premiere of the cabaret ‘Queendom On The Rocks- the world seen through the eyes of five Black women’.

Since then Queendom has produced another two comedy shows, a satirical book, a TV mini-series and continues to compose new, inspiring music.

In 2007 they launched ‘Queendom in concert’ at the Oslo World Music Festival, featuring the respected and versatile South- African guitarist Louis Mhlanga.


Queendom now tours and performs extensively as a popular world music band, around Norway and abroad.

They have performed at numerous events hosted by commercial companies, festivals, state institutions and NGO’s.

Audiences include several Nobel Peace Prize laureates, ministers and members of the Norwegian royal family – as well as ordinary people of all ethnic backgrounds.



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Happy Birthday Mommy! I love you!

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful ladies 🙂

  2. Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful ladies 🙂

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