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Caroline is born in Rio de Janeiro and was raised in a Swedish theater family. She became known for the Swedes back in 2002, 16 yrs old, when ending up 2nd in the biggest tv-sent talent show with “A-Tisket A-Tasket” the Ella Fitzgerald classic. In 2005 Caroline participated in the Swedish European Song Contest roundup and enjoyed a huge media breakthru when winning the semi-finals with the song “A Different Kind Of Love” and became a media darling over a night. The debut album with her own mix of jazz and pop has reached gold awards and shows a bit of her roots from Brazil. Everyone has agreed that Caroline has a uniqueness to her voice and that she is destined for big things to come. The music seem to affect people in a similar way as Norah Jones does, filling a slot with something original that isn’t released everyday.

Caroline performing in Gothenburg:

Get a taste of her album Drop Me Off In Harlem where she sings Ella Fitzgerald.

If you are on Facebook be sure to visit Caroline’s page.

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