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Maishagalan brings attention to women and enthusiasts who have made outstanding contributions in various fields related to Africa. During the gala awards are given in several categories, including: the woman of the year, this year’s inspiration, this year’s entrepreneur and Artist of the Year.

Winners are selected by a jury and will be named on Maishagalan in May.

Here are the nominees for Maishagalan 2012:

Adrianne George  BWIE

Anna Lena Eriksson Tell Dansdojon

Asha Ali

Beldina Malaika

Clementina Akuyo Brown, dancer / teacher of traditional dances from Ghana, including opening for the Rolling Stones 

Elisabeth Nyaure Afro Hair Academy

Josette Bushell Mingo Wikipedia

“KeyShimba” Blenda Kabondo 

 Margaret Garding

Margaret Svenungsson Kalebassi

Mary Ndiaye

Matilda Dagba  became the first   Miss Africa Sweden 2008  and is engaged for years in efforts to empower young African women in Sweden.

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