When: Saturday 22nd October 2011, 6:00pm-10:00pm
Where: Oxford House, Derbishire street, London E2 6HG
Adm: £10
(In Somali and English)

Somali Week Launch

The theme for this year’s festival will be introduced by Sarah Maguire, Director of the Poetry Translation Centre followed by a presentation from Dr Mpalive-Hangson, reader in English and humanites at Birkbeck Universty. Then Mahamed Haashi Dhama ‘Gaarriye’ will launch SWF 2011. This event will pay particular tribute to the work of Musa Ismail Galaal in the context of translation and the exposure of Somali litrature.

We invited academics, researchers and people who have known or worked with Musa Galaal, to write about his life and work and we will launch a short volume containing contributions by Martin Orwin, Alexander Zholkovsky, Georgi Kapchits, Sheila Andrejewiski, Anita S Adam, Sarah Maguire and Jama Musse Jama with the preface of Professor Ioan M. Lewis. This volum will also contain translated works of our guest artists in honour of the role Muse Ismail Galaal played in research, preservation of indigenous knowledge, Somali history, culture and heritage.

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