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  1. Hello Ladies,
    I just moved to Berlin, Germany from New York City. I am a licensed
    professional hair and makeup artist. I currently do hair and makeup for
    CNN and ABC television.
    I have worked as a hair and makeup artist for television, film,
    magazines, and celebrities for many years. I also do hair extensions for
    women (they are undetectable), they last for a long time and they look
    amazing!! I also do natural hairstyles and lace-front wig applications
    as well. If you or someone you know is in need of a very skilled and
    professional hairstylist or makeup artist please feel free to contact
    I am also a mobile stylist, so I can style your hair, or do your
    makeup in the privacy of your home as well.
    Warmest regards,

    Sophie Lenore

    Professional Hair and Makeup Artist


  2. Top Black hairstylist and makeup artist now in Berlin, Germany. 

    Sophia Lenore is a licensed and professionally trained hair and makeup artist from New York City. Sophia Lenore is now providing hair and makeup services to Black women in Berlin, Germany. Feel free to visit , send an e-mail and schedule an appointment. Sophia Lenore is also a mobile hair and makeup artist. Sophia Lenore can come to your home and make you beautiful.

    Sophia Lenore Inc.

  3. Good luck settling in in Berlin. I’ll have a post about you on the 2nd. Be sure to join the Black Women in Europe Social Network: and our page on Facebook, as well as the closed group.

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