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Aisha – a talented singer, composer and producer. She has roots in Denmark and Somalia – semi-nomadic, semi morsingbo. Music has always been the focal point of Aisha’s life. She is driven by the desire to express themselves musically, and also articulate some of the many existential puzzles life consists of.

Aisha has sung all her life and wrote her first song when she was 9 years old. At the age of 14 years, Aisha had her first major audience, and since then she has performed all over the world from Iceland to Tunisia, from Greenland to Ghana.

Besides being a strong original singer, Aisha works with both the creative and technical process – she writes lyrics, composes and produces his songs.

Aisha has toured and recorded with various internationally renowned artists such as Tanya Stephens, Junior Kelly, BB Seaton and The Savage Rose.

Aisha is now ready with her solo album “Deeper Than Roots” which she purrs modern urban stories using the universal global language of soul and pop music. An original combination of soulful warm vocals with an organic backbone.
In her music propagated the idea about even the most intelligent hearts are fragile in love violence and to dream in a way, is always universal.

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