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  1. Hi admin,

    Just stumbled upon your blog and love what you are doing. I’d like to introduce you to a project we are working on towards redefining the image of African peoples, but cannot find your contact information. Please email me or contact me through and I will give you some further information. Thanks very much and best of luck with the conference!


  2. Hello Adrianne,

    Did you get my message from yesterday re: the Obama visit to Berlin? I have a new post up at Jewels with German news network video of the Berlin speech that American voters and TV viewers definately have not seen. Please stop by and have a look (readers will need a broadband Internet connection to view and download the video files). J??rg Wolf from our workgrouup has been doing an excellent job over at the Atlantic Review and the Atlantic Community in covering this historic event, so be sure to stop by those websites too.

  3. Hi Bill, I am just back from the Women of the African Diaspora conference in Berlin and will look at your post and Obama vids today, thanks for letting me know they are up!!!!

  4. Dear fam, thanks for the message. I am glad you stopped by and I will definitely check out!

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