Just a month after launching their new sitcom independently online and receiving widespread media attention, the BBC has quickly arranged to meet the producers of Meet the Adebanjo’s to discuss picking it for season 2.

Only this week the Metro newspaper featured Meet the Adebanjo’s as what good to watch online and the producers believe it’s the result of the widespread interest in the sitcom which has made the BBC arrange a meeting for the 1st August.

Executive producer Andrew Osayemi says

“Together with our co-production partners Fresh Media Productions we have set out from the start to be different and to provide quality Black British TV content which is lacking on TV and distribute it online. Now over the past 3 weeks major TV production companies including the BBC have been contacting us about the show”


The show creator and producer Debra Odutuyo is asking the many fans of the sitcom to email her pointers to put forward to the commissioners as to why this show and shows like this should be shown on the BBC. Odutuyo says

“watch the episodes online and then email me suggestions to help us at the meeting to info@meettheadebanjos.com – but hurry as the meeting is in a week’s time”.

2 episodes of the show have been released already online and the producers plan to not let this latest development distract them from their original plans and will release the final episode after the meeting with the BBC. Osayemi says

“We will continue as planned to release the final episode then the rest of the boxset on DVD because our goal is first and foremost to create an industry where more Black British production can be made independently of mainstream backing and by buying the DVD that what you
will help create”


For anyone who has not watched the episodes please go to website www.meettheadebanjos.com and send in your suggestions to Debra and Andrew quickly as the 1st August is only 1 week away.

It’s time to place quality black British content firmly on the map of UK television. It starts from today! This revolution will be televised.

Website to watch Episodes: www.meettheadebanjos.com

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