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Entrepreneurs: What does your telephone number say about your business?

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When you decide to reach out to a company using the telephone do you hesitate to call if they do not have a toll-free number? Do you have your own business in the UK? Think about your current clients or customers and potential clients and customers. Are they not calling because of the expense to them?

Maybe you’re not UK-based but have or want clients in the UK. What does your telephone number say about your business?  Does it say I am small? Does it say I am local only? A toll-free number makes it easy for your customers to call you. Along with a local number you can offer a toll-free number to attract customers across the UK.

The Internet has leveled the playing field in so many areas, for one enabling small businesses and 1 person consultancies to create an International presence. On the Internet businesses can provide detailed information about who they are. It is a platform to highlight expertise. And above all on the Internet anyone can sell services and goods without ever coming face-to-face with your customer. Toll-free numbers can do the same thing by making a small business look big.  If you are unsure of which number to choose click here for more information on 0845 numbers.

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