I’m looking forward to spending more time with friends this year and cultivating my relationships. I’ve been putting people together for the last year or two through dinners out and like anything else it takes some trial and error to find out what and who works best together.

Nicole’s Bao Hun starter. She was disappointed with the amount of iceberg lettuce on the plate. But I’m pretty sure she like the pork buns.

To start the year off the December holidays group met this time at Griffins Steakhouse which, I heard yesterday, has a great reputation in Stockholm.

Theresa’s steak tartar. She enjoyed it. Asian inspired.

Six of the eight of us had the hamburger with cheddar, and bacon. Also came with fries and, surprise, surprise, iceberg lettuce and a tomato slice on the bun. And some sauce. The fries were served in a cone with truffle mayo and a Heinz ketchup packet.


Despite the 15 minute warning that our table time was up that came with the offer of coffee it was another dinner well spent with lots of laughs and I met a new person. She’s really nice. Nice things happen to me in Sweden.

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