Shingai Elizabeth Maria Shoniwa is the vocalist and bassist for the UK indie rock band Noisettes. Her first name, Shingai means ‘persevere’ in the Southern African Shona language

Shingai Shoniwa performed in the band called Sonarfly with other Noisettes member and songwriting partner and guitarist Dan Smith. Shoniwa grew up in a South London public-housing estate and the experience, Shoniwa says, absolutely informs her music. “Wanting to escape from reality can inspire the greatest and most trivial creative natures in people,” and “I think escapism is something that connects all of us. Everybody has their own little soundtrack, and I guess I’m trying to make my own soundtrack to my escape plan. I want people to realize that there’s so much more.”

Shingai first wanted to be an actress, and for a while joined the Lost Vagueness crew as a burlesque performer and co-creator of the now legendary ‘Golden Egg Routine’. She studied circus skills at a London youth club as a teenager.

Shoniwa Joined Amnesty’s Make Some Noise and appeared in an Instant Karma! video singing John Lennon’s song, Imagine to help stop the violence.

Shoniwa has been romantically linked with Musician Jack Penate and Eastenders star Mohammed George.

Shoniwa made an appearance on Annie Lennox’s 2007 album, “Songs Of Mass Destruction” on the single Sing. The track, about the fight against HIV Aids, will include 22 other renowned female artists such as Madonna, Melissa Etheridge, Gladys Knight. and Celine Dion.

Shingai Shoniwa has provided backing vocals for different indie rock, electronic, and punk rock artists including, Guillemots with their song “Made Up Love Song #43” and “Over the Stairs”.

Shingai Shoniwa, along with Patti Smith and Juliette Lewis helped celebrate Jack Daniel’s birthday in Lynchburg, Tennessee on October 13th, 2007. The three joined by The New Silver Cornet Band for the show which took place at the company’s distillery. The show is part of the 157th birthday celebrations for Jack Daniel, who was born sometime in September 1850. The Birthday JD Set opened to specially invited guests and competition winners only.


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