Black Africans in Renaissance Europe
Publisher Comments:

This highly original book opens up the almost entirely neglected area of the black African presence in Western Europe during the Renaissance. Covering history, literature, art history and anthropology, it investigates a whole range of black African experience and representation across Renaissance Europe, from various types of slavery to black musicians and dancers, from real and symbolic Africans at court to the views of the Catholic Church, and from writers of African descent to Black African criminality. Their findings demonstrate the variety and complexity of black African life in fifteenth and sixteenth-century Europe, and how it was affected by firmly held preconceptions relating to the African continent and its inhabitants, reinforced by Renaissance ideas and conditions. Of enormous importance both for European and American history, this book mixes empirical material and theoretical approaches, and addresses such issues as stereotypes, changing black African identity, and cultural representation in art and literature.

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  1. This book is really helpful to my research on blacks in early modern Europe.
    It provides fascinating historical source material on the lives of individual black persons during thisperiod and a glimpse into the diversity of life situations many people found themselves in. While the spector of racism was looming large, the accomplishments of many persons of African descent is remarkale.

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