*Follow-up activities*


1. To prepare for the launching of the network next year, a follow-up meeting to draft the constitution, the vision/mission, plan of action etc., and also to elect our board members will be held.

A working/strategic-meeting sometimes in March 2008* (6 months after the congress and around the International Women’s Day, for this follow-up meeting in Vienna.

This strategic meeting shall bring together one or more delegates from each country present at the Vienna Congress. The procedures of the follow-up meeting shall be communicated at a later date

*2. BEWNET will officially launch in September 2008, one year after its creation, and 6 months before the EU parliamentary elections take place (they are scheduled for mid June 2009).

*3. The report of the Vienna Congress is currently being prepared.

*4. Video documentary of the congress is equally being edited.

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