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Black Paris Profiles – A Celebration of the Black Experience in the City of Light

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Black Paris Profiles™: A Celebration of the Black Experience in the City of Light

Paris, France, February 26, 2012—In celebration of Black History Month (February) and Women’s History Month (March) 2012, Discover Paris! is pleased to announce the release of its latest e-publication: Black Paris Profiles™ by Monique Y. Wells.

Monique Wells
Author Monique Y. Wells

Black Paris Profiles™ presents the stories of 16 contemporary African-American and black Caribbean expatriates. Their lives are rich, uncommon, and complex and their inspiring tales are certain to shatter any stereotypes that readers may hold about living in Paris. Ten (10) of the sixteen stories presented are about women, which counters the prevailing tendency for works about the “Black Paris” expatriate experience to focus on men.

Black Paris Profiles

Black Paris Profiles™ is a “must read” for anyone who is considering a move to Paris or simply wondering what it is like to live there. Nowhere else can you find the viewpoints on forging a successful life abroad in today’s world that each chapter reveals! Color photos and clickable links to sites containing additional articles and images enliven the accounts of these fascinating people.

Monique Y. Wells has been writing about Black Paris for several years. She is co-author of Paris Reflections: Walks through African-American Paris (co-author Christiann Anderson; McDonald & Woodward, 2002), and has an essay on Black Paris in France, A Love Story (Camille Cusamano; Seal Press, 2004). She has contributed numerous articles on the subject to print and Web publications and is the author of Discover Paris’ weekly Entrée to Black Paris™ blog. In 2011, she was named Black Culture and Heritage VIP in Paris by the online magazine African Diaspora Tourism.

Black Paris Profiles™ is priced at $9.97. Those wishing to order should visit

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