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Black Women Bloggers in Europe Series – the Netherlands 3 – Becoming A Doctor

Becoming A Doctor:

I remember when I came to Hungary to start medical school, one of my dad’s parting words were “try to keep a diary, and fill in as much as you can, it’s very important”.

A Friend of mine also once told me “learn to always write down your stories/experiences, even if it is as a letter to someone or a diary”. He said “you never know how your life stories/experiences is gonna change someone’s?.

This are the main reasons I started blogging. I co-own a blog called kaleidoscope with a very good friend of mine, Lare. (check it out), there we blog basically about everything.

This blog is focusing mainly on my final year in medical school. Yeah, everything about my Final year.
Today I completed my 5th year and I am overwhelmed with joy. It has been the most challenging and difficult 5 years of my life and at the same time the most amazing and adventurous 5 years. I have kept so many dairies over the past 5 years (some of which are missing and most which are lacking in being updated) .
I started this blog for so many reasons, some of which i have already shared above. 6th year is going to be the most challenging, exciting and transforming year and I don’t want to forget any of it. Also if your like me, lost and confused, just trying to find myself and hoping my story helps someone else, because personally I have read peoples blogs/stories that has been useful to me, so I thought why not share mine to.I hope my stories and experiences will challenge, encourage and motivate others, even if they are for pleasure reading, thats fine. Lastly because i am so far away from my family and some friends, Am using this media to keep them updated.

This journey is a big transformation where I go from a medical student (where mistakes were tolerated) to a medical doctor (where making a single mistake can cost someone their life). To be honest am terrified but at the same time excited to start this journey, I have no expectations, this is just me waking up each day and taking what life hands to me and making the best use of it, turning the negatives into positive, challenging the bad days and accepting the good day… I have no Idea what kind of doctor I want to be, where I am going to practice or even if I want to practice at all. Am going blind folded on this journey hoping that at the end when d blind folds are fully off it will be a big smile on my face. A smile of satisfaction, gratitude and no regrets.

I am gonna be as open as I possibly can, blunt and honest, I’ll talk about thing that make me say yes I want to be a doctor this is my calling, thing that have discouraged me from that. I’ll share days that I decided am tired of it all, days that I just smiled and said yay!!! etc.

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