I Am TheNuBlack

I Am The Nu Black

October 2008, I decided to set myself a challenge for Black History Month in the UK. 30 days of posts featuring youth of Black origin , the things that inspired them, positive images, videos, news articles, quotes etc.

I completed the challenge and decided to continue. My aim is to try and post things that are not necessarily ‘out there’, that are original, creative and that will hopefully inspire those after me (and hopefully those before me if they come across the site, lol).

The name thenublack comes from the idea that my generation and those born to parents of the African diaspora have had a path paved for them by their ascendants.

Although we may not have experienced first-hand the effects that many of those well known figures had on the world – I have hope we’re not only continuing to pave that path, but that we’re aspiring to be equally as great, as revolutionary and box-breaking as they were.
Peace x

Link to I Am TheNuBlack.

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