Black Women Meditate

Black Women Meditate is a black-owned, Amsterdam based, social organization led by Marilyn Grando.

Marilyn Grando is a black Dutch native of Surinamese descent. In 2009 she was introduced to Vipassana meditation, which helped her cope with her father’s death. In meditation, she found a way to deal with this traumatic and sudden loss. 

Marilyn realized that in order to grow as people, we need to turn inward. Not outward, as we often do now.  

“The way out, is the way in” .

Thich Nhat Hanh

“We are easily out of touch because our mind easily wanders. We are often detoured by others and concerning ourselves far too much with events outside of our bodies and minds, that we have no control over. By focussing literally on nothing, but ourselves… we become free of daily struggles and strive. By turning inward we heal ourselves and are less affected by (generational) trauma, negative from the current outside world and even from that fostered within ourselves.” 

Why we do what we do 

As a black woman, Marilyn often found herself on the short end of the stick in society. As this realization grew, she wondered how to deal with the inequalities she experienced in the workplace. Hence the concept of Black Women Meditate was born. 

“People think, when you love yourself, you hate them. No. When I love myself, they become irrelevant to me.” 

John Henrik Clarke 

After a retreat, I kept on meditating 2 hours per day or more. I started when I got up to go to work and did it when I came home. And sure enough. The trauma lessened. I was less and less affected by other people’s issues with the color of my skin. Ever since then Black Women Meditate has a mission to spread the benefits of meditation specifically in that group in society, that is in need of support and empowerment. The group that would benefit the most from it: Black Women. Black Women Meditate is a social organization built to empower and uplift the black community from within through meditation and self-improvement. 

Why Black Women need Meditation

“While attending meditation retreats, I noticed very few people who looked like me in meditation centres. This seemed strange in an environment that claimed to be open to anyone, regardless of race or gender.”

Marilyn Grando

We see wellbeing as an emotional state. How we feel about our homes our environment and the kind of relationships we are having. Black women are under additional stress, in comparison to other women, far beyond the norm. We are easily out of touch because we concern ourselves far too much with events outside of our bodies and minds. Politics, police brutality, society, micro-aggression, worries about appearance, family issues; they all take a toll on us. It’s can feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. The statistics for black women’s health are saddening. Black Women Meditate believes that unaddressed stress is a huge part of horrible health statistics. And we strive to do something about that. 
There is no need to ask permission for happiness, joy and, abundance the universe naturally supports this. Join us on our journey to improve ourselves from within and so, the rest of the world. Implementing regular meditation will actually change your life. 

Our meditation classes

We provide meditation class geared towards a growing group of Black Women who are present and aware of the way to improve themselves. All people are welcome. Note that it will be a safe space for Black Women to Meditate and reflect. You will participate in a guided meditation session lead by Marilyn herself, in which we will be learning awareness and breathing meditation.

What to bring to class

Bring a yoga mat and if you prefer, your own meditation cushion. If you don’t have one or don’t want to, we will provide you with meditation cushions you can use for free during class. Wear flexible and comfortable clothing. Take time out for yourself to relax and tap into your intuition! Give back to yourself, what you give out so freely.

These are several practices that we choose to teach Black Women depending on their needs and goals when they coach with us. Use the practices given during class as needed and you’ll be off to a great start in providing yourself with the tools to maneuvre more easily through life.

Black Woman Meditating

In this day and age and the state society is in, as a Black Women, one cannot NOT learn how to meditate. Even more so than others, Black Women need meditation skills to be able to navigate through everyday life, micro-aggressions, struggles and personal and work stress. Meditation is a skill all can master. It’s not about “emptying our mind”, but rather learning to rid ourselves of anxiety and daily stress. Stress, which may cause health problems in the long run, such as heightened blood pressure and cardiovascular issues. Regular meditation practice will, among other things, improve the general life expectancy of Black Women: 

– You will have a sharper, clearer mind
– An improved sleep pattern
– Regular meditation controls anxiety
– You will be less affected by negativity
– It promotes emotional health
– It enhances self-awareness
– It lengthens your focus and attention span
– It may reduce age-related memory loss

Join us in our lifelong mission to elevate the black community from within, through meditation and self-improvement. 

Next meditation class on 7th January 2020 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

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