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Buyers and Investors Mission to Jamaica between Monday 24th January and Friday 28th January 2011

The Jamaica Promotions Corporation, JAMPRO, the investment and export/trade facilitation agency of the Government of Jamaica, is pleased to invite your participation in a highly specialized and targeted Buyers and Investors Mission to Jamaica between Monday 24th January and Friday 28th January 2011.

The 2009 FDI Report rates Jamaica as No. 2 for having the “Best Infrastructure for Foreign Direct Investments in the Caribbean and Central America”; whilst the World Trade Promotion Organisation (WTPO) of UNCTAD/WTO have cited JAMPRO in 2004 and 2008, as being the “Best Trade Promotion Organisation from a Small Country”.

Given our exemplary track record and technical expertise in mounting business missions of this nature; JAMPRO is positioning this mission to explore ways in which European companies can penetrate markets in the Caribbean by taking advantage of the free trade arrangements in the Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME), by establishing trade offices in Jamaica or distribution agreements with Jamaican companies.

Specifically, the mission will focus on companies seeking to:

1. identify and/or purchase Jamaican goods, including fresh produce and processed foods and drinks

2. to identify and/or purchase Jamaican services

3. film TV productions in Jamaica, including reality, documentaries, commercials and music videos

4. Establish manufacturing/assembly or agro-processing facilities in Jamaica, at reduced operational costs (relative to the UK) and exporting those goods to the EU duty free, under the EPA

5. Business Process Outsourcing operations in Jamaica

6. Financiers, developers and operators of hotels and tourist attractions

7. Renewable energy

Please find attached a mission profile/programme, a registration form and fact sheet..

Laurence Jones
European Regional Manager
+ 44 207 584 8894

Mission Profile & Programme.rtfRegistration Form.docx

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