Call for participants to civil society representatives within the OSCE region in the OSCE Mediterranean Partners for Co-operation.



On 27 and 28 October the 2008 OSCE Mediterranean Conference will take place in Amman, Jordan in the Hotel Le Royal.

The annual OSCE Mediterranean Conference represents the highlight of each year’s work between the OSCE and its Mediterranean Partners for Co-operation (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia). It gathers representatives of the participating States and the Mediterranean Partners, as well as international organizations and civil society to discuss a theme that is of topical relevance to security in the Mediterranean and in the broader OSCE region. 2008 Conference will review the OSCE approach to regional security ??? a model for the Mediterranean.

The OSCE participating States decided to hold on the eve of the 2008 OSCE Mediterranean Conference, a side event on ???Co-operation with the Mediterranean Civil Society and NGOs in Promoting Tolerance and Non-Discrimination???.

The civil society side event will take place on 26 October 2008 in the Hotel Le Royal, from 10.00 am till 17.30 pm. It will be co-organized by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and the Center for Strategic Studies of the University of Jordan.

Purpose of the civil society side event is:

To provide civil society with an opportunity to prepare recommendations to be presented before the start of the third session of the Conference on 28 October;

To discuss current issues and priorities related to the promotion of mutual respect and understanding in the Mediterranean region;

To exchange information on best practices existing in the OSCE region and in the OSCE Mediterranean Partners for Co-operation on co-operation between national authorities and civil society and national human rights institutions in promoting tolerance and inter-cultural dialogue;

To facilitate and enhance coalition-building across diverse cultural and religious communities and civil society groups throughout the OSCE region and the Mediterranean Partner States.

During the day the participants will gather successively in three parallel working groups and in plenary sessions in order to elaborate and adopt recommendations. Draft recommendations can be submitted to the ODIHR in advance using the online form
or by sending them directly to

Three parallel working groups will deal with:

Empowerment of women as actors in conflict prevention, peace building and enhancing democratization;

Migration as a challenge and as an opportunity to improve tolerance and understanding;

Intercultural dialogue as a conflict prevention tool.

The working groups will have the opportunity to raise issues, identify trends, present best practices and exchange information.

On 26 October before the official start of the civil society side event the ODIHR will also organize an introduction session for participants from civil society in order to familiarize them with the framework of the OSCE, the aim of the Conference and the rules regarding their participation in both the side event and the Conference. The introduction session will also take place in the Hotel Le Royal, starting at 9:00 am.

The participation and contribution of civil society is highly welcomed!


Please note that during the two meetings interpretation will be provided in English-French and French-English.

Where can you find more information?

For more information about the 2008 OSCE Mediterranean Conference, including agenda, organizational modalities, practical arrangements and registration forms for the Conference and hotel booking forms, please visit

For the Consolidated summary of the 2007 OSCE Mediterranean Seminar: Combating Intolerance and Discrimination and Promoting Mutual Respect and Understanding and background information on the OSCE Mediterranean Partners for Co-Operation visit

With a view to enhance the participation of civil society representatives a specific section has been opened on the ODIHR???s Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Information System. Please visit

This section provides additional information and links to the following information and documents:

* The annotated agenda, timetable and organizational modalities of the events

* How to participate?

* How to request financial support to participate?

* How to submit recommendations beforehand for the civil society side event?

This section also links to: background OSCE documents and recommendations adopted in previous OSCE/ODIHR civil society preparatory meetings and side events.

Should you need additional information on the participation of civil society in the OSCE 2008 Mediterranean Conference as well as the civil society side event, please contact:

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