Wayne at the Electronic Village sent me this. Can you pass?

Note: This is very African American centric.

Everybody has to take this test

(No cheating – even though the answers are at the bottom)

5 Points Each 10 Point Bonus Question

Number your paper from 1-30, you’re not at school, so don’t cheat!
150-160- Pimp/Diva
145-150 Coolest of all your friends
130-145 Grew up in the 80’s but your brain cells are shot
120-130 You were sheltered.
Below 120 You Suck!! and you’re not black.

1. What is George and Weezie’s daughter-in-law’s name?
2. Before the pit-bull craze in the mid 80’s, which dog had the best chance to jump the fence and then bite your ass? (will accept 2 answers)
3. Which Frankie Beverly and Maze song means “the bar is closing”?
4. How many girls do you need for Hide and Go Get It?
5. How did Penny’s mother abuse her daughter. Who’s mother is she in real life?
6. What network did Jayne Kennedy work for as a newscaster?
7. What is the true name of the High Top Fade haircut? (named after a city)
8. Which scene in the movie “Roots” makes everybody mad?
9. Who is the only white female R&B singer to be considered one of us? (80’s)
10. What is Wesley Snipes’ most famous character’s name?
11. Finish the statement… “Shut up for I give you _________ to ___ for!”
12. What color is the Care Free Curl bottle?
13. “Black is _________.”
14. What adjective was used to describe that government job?
15. What was the most popular color of somebody’s mouth after eating Now and Laters?
16. What was the most popular color of somebody’s mouth after drinking Kool Aid?
17. Which was lengthier, Video Soul or Video Vibrations?
18. What was Fred Sanford’s middle initial?
19. Who sho is ugly!?
20. What did you do when your pants turned into highwaters?
21. Pumpkin or Sweet Potato?
22. “Lift Every _____ and ____.”
23. Name all four singers on the Secret Garden .
24. Who was the 1st black Miss America ?
25. What 4 letter word is the name of what your grandma used to fry meat with?
26. Name the 2 brands of cigarettes smoked by n*gg*z throughout the generations.
27. What was the word “bumpin” used to describe?
28. What is Tussy?
29. What complexion was the girl that smelled like pee?
30. Who remade the classic “In the Rain” by the Dramatics?

What was the pimp’s name in “The Mack” who Goldie killed because he thought this guy killed his mother?


1. Jenny
2. German Shephard/ Doberman
3. Before I Let You Go
4. 2 (variety)
5. Burned her with the iron/ Kim Fields
6. ABC
7. Philly
8. Kunta gets whipped until he calls himself Toby
9. Teena Marie
10. Nino Brown
11. something/cry
12. Yellow and Red
13. Beautiful
14. good
15. Purple
16. Red
17. Video Vibrations
18. G.
19. Miss Ceely
20. Cut them into shorts
21. Sweet Potato
22. Voice/Sing
23. Al B. Sure, El Debarge, James Ingram, Barry White
24. Vanessa Williams
25. Lard
26. Newports/Kools
27. Something that is good, nice, slick, amazing, fresh etc. You know, tight! (DC thing)
28. Deoderant
29. Light-skinned, sorry!
30. Keith Sweat

Mister Pretty Tony

Tammara J. Sherard

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  1. Homeland Colors

    i gotta 80 but i wanna protest this test as bias against 80’s babies.

  2. Adrienne, I did very poorly on the test!

    peace, Villager

  3. Black Woman in Europe

    Villager and Homeland, I’m too embarrased to share my score but I’m a sister from DC! I think these “tests” are funny just the same! Peace out.

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