Charlene White

From the ITV website:

Charlene is a South Londoner born and bred, and has worked at ITV London since 2008. She’s had a varied career before landing on our doorstep — working at ITV Meridian, lots of jobs at the BBC and even lived in the USA writing for the New York Post. The strangest feature she wrote was ‘How To Pick Up a New York Fireman’ which meant finding the best place in Manhattan to meet single firemen. As she says, “Gosh it was a tough assignment”. She’s also covered the July 7th bombings, riots in Paris and interviewed Jay-Z – “I’ve ended up in some truly dodgy situations working in this job, but I can’t lie… I love it. I’ve interviewed some weird people, some inspirational people, and been told some incredible stories.” When she’s not being a news geek, Charlene can be found feeding her clothes and shoes addiction in Bromley, or wandering aimlessly around Lewisham market.

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  1. I wonder if I could ever make it as big as her!!

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