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CNN poll shows what Black Britons have long known – from policing to politics, their country has failed them


Source: CNN

Britain’s big race divide

Black people are at least twice as likely as White people to say there is discrimination in British policing and media; three times as likely to think the country has done far too little to address historic racial injustice; and significantly more likely to believe that the country’s governing Conservative Party is institutionally racist.

Half of Black Britons say police have not treated them with respect.

Black Britons twice as likely to say police are institutionally racist.

Black Britons twice as likely to find statues of slave traders or colonizers offensive.

Two-thirds of Black Britons say Black people are under-represented on TV and in films.

Most Black Britons say BAME people have less opportunity to succeed professionally than White people.

“We have an unhealthy culture in the UK that calling out racism is more offensive than racism itself.”

Nova Reid

Most Black Britons think the governing Conservative Party is institutionally racist.

Most Black Britons don’t trust the government to prevent another Windrush-type scandal.

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