Black Women in Europe

CDS Movement Collective encourages cultural awareness and wellness through dance – Afro-Caribbean, Bellydance, Contemporary and more!

Workshops are running in Germany in May & June. 
Look out for Dance & Wellness retreats in Barbados in 2020!

Chantal Dos Santos is the Founder & Artistic Director of CDS Movement. Here is a bit about her:

She is originally from Toronto, Canada.
  • currently based in Barbados
  • movement studies focus on Contemporary Dance, Oriental Dance, Russian Romany Dance, Afro-Caribbean dance and Somatic Movement methodologies
  • certified Oriental Dance instructor (Hadia’s Middle Eastern Dance Teacher Training Program)

Course Offerings

  • Holistic Bellydance
  • Afro-Caribbean Dance
  • Dance Improvisation
  • Supple & Strong: Hip and Pelvic Floor Training
  • SocaFit

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