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  1. Adrianne, you've done a great job bringing multi-media game, to the point that I had to send an Afrospear notice to let everyone know to check you out.

    Best stuff I've seen anywhere, bar none.

    I've got the full video of this speech here:

  2. Hej!

    I will be blogging live from the Democratic Convention in Denver 25-29 August.

    While I'll have access to email I may not be able to respond promptly.

    Kind regards,

    Adrianne George

    Send me to Denver to blog about Obama in August:

  3. Thanks Yobachi! I'm still in the process of uploading videos to YouTube:

  4. Hi My Name is DARLENE and I'M a African American in the USA I would Like To Start an Internatonal cacus for the LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL to Unite all the people of color who have been displaced from their native land to come together and start a World wide Exodus back home to North,South,East,and West AFRICA where we were taken FROM!!! And JERUSALEM will once again be our place of worship of the G-D (YHWH), KING OF KINGS,LORD OF LORDS!!! WELCOME HOME to the LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL especially to the DAUGHTERS OF ZION!!! We can start a International WOMENS cacus For the Daghters of ZION TOO!!!

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