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Department for culture, media and sports in England

DCMS is responsible for over 600 public appointments to the boards of the public bodies that we fund. Each year more than 100 people are appointed, or reappointed, to these public bodies – organisations that cover a wide range of sectors from gambling to galleries, broadcasting to the performing arts, film to football.

We want to open up our public appointments as widely as possible to ensure we have diverse boards that represent the communities they serve.

Theatres Trust – 6 Members
(Closing date: 5pm, Monday 1 November 2010)

British Library – 3 Members
(Closing date: Friday 12 November 2010)

BBC Trust – Chairman
(Closing date: 5pm, Friday 12 November 2010)

National Portrait Gallery – Trustee
(Closing date: 5pm, Monday 29 November 2010)

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