Hello Adrianne,

How are you? Hope everything’s fine!

I wanted to ask you if you’d be interested in publishing the SISTERS on national TV dates, I hope many sisters will join and vote for us!

7 Black german (ok, one suiss ) women are representing the largest of Germany’s states (called Northrhine Westfalia, it’s the state that Cologne is in) at the biggest national Pop Television contest. It’s a cool event to look forward to. I happen to be part of that group, called SISTERS, consisting of 7 solo artists. Apart from the music, the SISTERS also created an organisation that has been teaching about equality and democracy issues at schools since 2001.

The song is called “UNITE”, and that’s the message: empowerment. It’s sung in both English and German. The contest will decide live on TV by votes from viewers per telephone who will be the winner.

Homepage: www.sisters-music.com/

German TV:

February 14, “Bundesvision Songcontest, Pro 7, 21:00

You can get to know the SISTERS two days before that event, as guests and also performing the song:

February 12, TV Total, Pro7, 23:15

I’d be more than happy if you wanna help spread the word. There’s no money to get for us, just spread the message and give a positive outlook for all the SISTERS (especially little sisters) out there.



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