Floid Gumbo is an artist sparkling from African energy and joy. Floid was born in Gwanda, Zimbabwe, where she also grew up. She moved to Sweden in 1994. Music has always been an important and natural part of her life.

She is a multiple award winning artist including the ABF Gothenburg Culture Prize 2012, the Maisha Gala Artist of the Year 2011, and the Year’s Culture Woman 2010.  She has been engaged in many different contexts; from sport events and national day celebrations, to lectures and weekends for choirs. Floid has been on several successful tours in different parts of Sweden.

In her repertoire you will also find African tales, dancing, drum rhythms and self-produced material.

Music is both a joy for all the fantastic things in life, and a help in hard times. The power of the African freedom and gospel songs is something I would like to share with others, Floid says.

Floid is fluent in English, Swedish and four African languages (Shona, Ndebele, Venda, Sotho). Listen to Floid’s music on MySpace and visit Floid’s website for more information.

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