Hilda Kibet was born March 27, 1981 in Kapchorwa, and is a Kenyan Dutch runner. She is the sister of Sylvia Kibet and the niece of Lornah Kiplagat. She obtained Dutch nationality in October 2007.

Career highlights
Dutch National Championships
2007 – Schoorl, 1st, 10 km
2008 – Schoorl, 1st, 10 km
Other achievements
2004 – Groningen, 1st, 4 Mijl van Groningen
2004 – Brunssum, 1st, Parelloop
2005 – Breda, 1st, Singelloop
2005 – Manchester, 3rd, Great Manchester 10 km
2005 – Egmond aan Zee, 1st, Egmond half marathon
2006 – Tilburg, 2nd, Warandeloop
2006 – Groningen, 1st, 4 Mijl van Groningen
2006 – Egmond aan Zee, 2nd, Egmond half marathon
2007 – Egmond aan Zee, 1st, Egmond half marathon

2007 – Den Haag, 1st, City-Pier-City
2007 – Brunssum, 1st, Parelloop
2007 – London, 1st, British 10km London Run
2007 – New York, 1st, Half marathon
2007 – Amsterdam, 2nd, Dam tot Damloop

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    I have a question, a bunch of questions actually, about expatriate life. I'd like to talk to you directly about international relocation. Can I give you a shout offline in the next few days. Is there a contact e-mail or phone number you'd prefer me to call?


  2. Thanks Marty! It hasn't been too long since I redesigned the blog, glad you like it. Sure, we can talk about Expat life. Aren't you in the AfroSpear? Go to the GOogle gorup and look on the member's list. You can email me from there.

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