I woke up scared today. I know two African Americans who live outside of the US who have not voted in their State’s midterm elections. I feel like I have failed and it makes me cry real tears. But if you haven’t voted and woke up today wanting to, depending on your State you can fax your ballot in today. I had to use the FWAB because mine never arrived. Find out here: Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB)
The FWAB serves as a backup ballot if the voter does not receive the requested absentee ballot in time. offers a FWAB online assistant that guides users through the form-completion process, as well as, a fillable PDF form of the FWAB for download.
I voted
FWAB Online Assistant (
Fillable FWAB (
You must use your State Instructions when using the Fillable PDF to complete your FWAB (

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