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  1. where can i get a copy? In english preferably

  2. Black Women in Europe

    I don’t know if Italian Vogue publishes in Enlighs. It is the Italisan version after all.

    Check your news stand. A big one. Call the Italitan Vogue office and say you want a copy!


    Very cool blog.
    Lord willing,I’ll be in the UK soon!
    Meanwhile,I want to see this issue, I need to make my way to a Universal News and buy! I’m hoping (I know that I’m probably asking too much) that at least one model is sporting her natural hair!! A GIRL CAN DREAM, right? 😀

  4. Black Women in Europe

    I wonder if there are any locks or twists or ‘fros in this issue. My mother in DC is on the look out for a copy.

    Here is the link to the publisher’s website:


    I looked at the site and could not find the English link. I can’t believe that they don’t expect it to sell well.

  6. Black Women in Europe

    Hej stuffaricaneoplehate,

    I am not sure there will be an Engilsh link.

    But don’t let that keep you from getting a copy of this issue!

  7. What took Vogue so long! It probably will not be the best seller, but this edition will certainly be a collector’s item – vintage!

  8. What took Vogue so long! It probably will not be the best seller, but this edition, as long s it does not seek to mimic “a stereotypical white / wetern look” will certainly be a collector’s item – vintage!

  9. You have to go to Borders to get foreign issues of Vogue. Other place might have them but to be sure go to Borders.;)

  10. Thanks Vegata. My mother checked with her local Borders in DC and it hadn’t come yet. The sales person said there has been a lot of demand for it. Here in southern Sweden it didn’t arrive in my newsstand yesterday but he is hopeful it will come on Monday. He has the Paris edition.

  11. The issue still hasn’t arrived at the international newsstand in Sweden where I live, despite the expectations of the owner. Two deliveries later and no July Italian Vogue.

    I say the June issue in the Copenhagen Airport. I am in San Francsico now and will see if I can find a copy.

  12. I found a copy today at the Amsterdam Schipol airport. There is also commentary on Ebony and Essence magazines, The Black List that includes Toni Morrison, a story on Spike Lee and many others. Grace Jones is even in this issue.

    I look forward to a thorough read, well not actually a read because I don’t read Italian.

  13. I’ve noticed that some of the more successful Project Runway designers seem to have a preference for black models. They just look so fabulous in their clothes!

  14. I have seen a couple of episodes of Project Runaway and there have always been Black models. I agree they look fab.

  15. When I heard that Italian Vogue was printing a special “all-black” issue of course I wanted to check it out. But when I picked it up what immediately struck me was how many pages of white models in the advertisements I had to go through before I even got to the “all-black” section. Seeing that it is the advertising that sells magazines, TV shows, etc., the fashion paradigm of whiteness remains the same. In Brazil there is a saying that “the dark/black meat is the cheapest”. I guess that applies to fashion and fashion marketing as well. Although I’ve heard that the “all-black” has become Italian Vogue’s top-selling issue, I am curious to see what the models of their next issue will look like. The simple fact that they had to devote part of an issue to black models reinforces blackness as “other”, “exotic” and “different”. After getting a “taste” of the “flavor of the month”, things usually go back to normal. A lack of color on runways and magazines is a global phenomenon whether on the runways of Milan, Paris, London, New York or S??o Paulo, and one issue partially devoted to black models will not solve the problem.


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