Julia Titus is a UK based, multi talented actress, vocalist and poet.

With roots in Jamaica and England, Julia was born to perform. Her career started at the age of four singing perfectly pitched nursery rhymes to small audiences at family gatherings. She expanded her repertoire singing along with TV and radio advertisements and by the age of ten, with no formal training, she had auditioned and secured her first stage performance. Visit her MySpace page.

Julia has performed in a number of productions both locally and nationally. Her versatile character has seen her perform in both male and female parts.

Julia is now a professional tutor in drama and vocal singing. Her past experience has enabled her to approach each project with an open mind and tailor fit her students/participants needs to suit their capability and style.

Julia’s four octave range makes her an ideal lead vocalist for most styles and genres of music. Her formal operatic training has given Julia an edge when performing across these genres. Julia says operatic training for a singer is similar to ballet for a dancer, in that it gives you the fundamental techniques to allow consistence singing performances. By this I mean that the control and strength required for opera makes other genres easier to achieve.

Julia is a published poet, having written material for radio and poetry publications. Her subject matter has ranged from local community issues, feminism, motherhood and world disasters. Her style of narrative is easy on the ear but strives to deliver a serious message.

She is a member of the Black Arts Alliance.

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